Your Fears Erased Here Daily


Someone special on my FaceBook page shared this photo and I had to pass it on.  

We all have fears.  So how do you deal with your fears? How do you deal with that thing in your gut or pain in your neck?

Have you discovered what your fears really are?  Are you telling yourself stories in your head that intensify your fears? Once you discover what you actually fear, you will be able to move past them.  You will be on the road to have control over those fears and thoughts.

Sometimes fear is a good thing, like when we are in flight or fright.  It also comes to us when we are doing something outside of our comfort zone or being put at risk.  That can be good in the sense that it causes us to shift.

Write Fear a Letter

Let fear know that you are not afraid of it, that you actually welcome it in order to make yourself better.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a class about self confidence.  We were asked to write fear a letter.  Here’s what I wrote:
Dear Fear,
(Written with your RIGHT hand):
I have to tell you something.  I want you to take a back seat in my life.  Actually, I’d like to divorce you but sometimes I need your guidance but only in a positive way.  I know I invited you and sometimes I feed you. I have a fond affection to you, and I embrace you, but I don’t want you to control my life, my thoughts or my attitude or wake up with me or go to sleep with me.  When I have turned to you, I realize that I have gotten exceptional results in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, but I cannot let you control me.  I must embrace you as a good friend where all the boundaries are in place.
Here’s what Fear wrote back:
(Written with your LEFT hand):
Thank you for bringing that to my attention.  Let’s work on that together and start a new life together and give it another chance.
What are your fears?  Write your letter today.