What are you thinking?


When you stop and think about it, negative thoughts are simply things that you don’t want. Positive thoughts are about what you do want. So which do you focus on more . . . the positive or the negative? For most people, it’s the negative, without a doubt. We are addicted to thinking about negative things. The words of sabotaging self-talk that we say to ourselves, rethinking unhappy events and memories of the past and the images that come up in our minds are all examples of negative thoughts. We do it without even thinking twice about it.
We judge everything and anything with negative thoughts. We focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, yet strive to be perfect, which is just another way of saying that we are self-judging. Then we rationalize these negative thoughts and give ourselves permission to continue to think on them, which only creates more self-doubt and negative thoughts about the things we don’t want. Our negative thoughts then put us in a bad mood and everyone around us keeps their distance. We worry about trivial things while telling ourselves stories in our heads that we know aren’t true.

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it give you something to do
but never gets you anywhere.”

~ Erma Bombeck ~ 

So, instead of directing our thinking into negative, fear-based paths, or being overwhelmed at any given moment, let us be aware and open the door of change. If you suffer from depression, stop and do a reality check as to what you are saying to yourself in your head. First, stop focusing on what you DON’T want, then change your thought patterns and focus on what you DO want.

If a thought makes you feel bad, sad, angry or conjures up some emotions that bring in fear, jealousy or a numb feeling, then it is a negative thought. Your feelings guide your thoughts inside and out. Step outside yourself and feel what you are feeling. Feel the emotions that you are experiencing. Pay attention to your ego and what is going on with it. When you focus on what is wrong, you miss the true purpose of turning it into a positive solution.

Be the Master of your mind.
Your life is only as good as your thoughts.

 When you become the Master of your mind you can overcome all the obstacles, like depression, anger, fear, jealousy or self-judgement. However, it takes determination and making a conscious effort to change your thinking.
So, how do you do this?
  • Negative thoughts are like reading a chapter of a book over and over. You never get to the next chapter or get on with the plot. It’s time to turn the page, or better yet, start another book. And that takes courage to think empowering thoughts instead of the negative ones that have been with your for years and years. Just remember, it is your ticket for getting yourself out of your funk and stop reinforcing the same old belief systems. You and only you have the choice to think what you want.
  • Next, take responsibility for your thought. Become aware of every thought that goes through you head. Then focus on the solution. Instead of thinking of the negative aspect of a thought or situation, turn it into a positive thought.
  • Let go of the negative thoughts, become aware of them and you will be surprised how you life will change. Stop the “shoulds” and the “buts” and the “I can’ts” and the excuses and allow yourself to think positive thoughts.
  • A very important thing to do through all of this is to eliminate negative and toxic people from your life. Stick with the positive people and those that make you feel good. Learn to set your own boundaries and not allow negative conversation, gossip, drama or judgmental talk about another person or situation.
  • Read inspirational and self-help books, watch YouTube videos or listen to uplifting music. This helps you feel better about yourself and instills the positive instead of the negative.
  • Love yourself and be kind to yourself. When you practice positive thoughts, you will feel better and then wait til you see how your day unfolds. Look for the good in others too. It will change your perspective of everything and everyone when you look deeper than just the superficial layer of thoughts.
Your mind is a beautiful thing. Fill it with kindness and joy. Get on the path of awareness, wellness and abundance. Be the Master of your Mind.

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  1. Great post. I love it! Thanks. And if I might add, thinking connects with our chemistry: negative thoughts generate cortisone and adrenaline which suppress the immune system. Positive thinking can trigger endorphins = good for health.

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