What Are You Thinking?

What are you thinking at this moment? What emotions are you feeling?
“Countless emotions arise as a consequence of a single thought, and these cause a variety of chemical, physiological changes in our bodies. When you think joyful thoughts, happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are secreted in your body; if you hold negative feelings too long, stress hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine are secreted.”  ~ Ilchi Lee ~ The Solar Body – The Secret to Natural Healing.
Perhaps you had a really good day. Everything went as you planned but when you get home you walk into a house of quarreling and drama from other members of your household. It’s hard to keep that good feeling that you had earlier, isn’t it? Perhaps even to the extent that you can’t sleep because the issue wasn’t resolved. If you notice your breathing, it’s shallow and irregular. Your head is hurting and your shoulders feel tense and stiff. You have a lump in your gut. Maybe you think you might feel better if you eat something or have a drink but trying to cover up those emotions without controlling your thoughts is like “trying to keep your computer in good shape by managing the hardware but not the software,” as Ilchi Lee writes. The way that you respond to this type of drama is entirely up to you. You can allow it to “get” to you or you can let it go. It’s your choice.
Lee continues, “It’s not easy to control your mind as you desire, but it’s definitely not impossible. You simply need practice.”  We all need to practice controlling our thoughts and emotions.
By observing our thoughts, or being the watcher, we can all control our thoughts. The mind is a powerful thing and it has the ability to do just that. We just have to know how to control our thoughts through this power.
When we identify with our thoughts we do not change our perception. Instead, we become that thought and identify with it. Rather than identify with those thoughts we simply tell ourselves that we are having that thought. Allow it to be, then separate yourself from it. Acknowledge that you had the thought and that it is not you. Instead of saying, “I am angry” state to yourself that “I have anger right now.”
“In that moment, thought and feeling become objects separated from your mind. You become able to make a wiser, more considerate choice instead of acting in a way that’s dictated by a negative thought or feeling,” explains Lee.

By affirming that your thoughts and emotions are just that: thoughts and emotions, you will discover your strength and power to return to your center, to be focused and calm amid all the drama.
” The mind that quietly watches all the thoughts and emotions arising within it without becoming attached to any of them has the power to return everything to a state of balance — its natural state.  The vicious cycle of stress-causing thoughts and emotions is broken while the mind observes itself.”   ~ Ilchi Lee ~
“Every day of this year can be the best day of your life so far if you will just make the effort to do one thing: Replace every negative thought with a positive one. This very simple act can do more to alter the fabric of your life for the better than just about anything else I can think of.”  ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~