Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

I decided to do some research on what colors mean to you personally and I am finding it very fascinating.  I am still working other colors and will share more later.  But for now, it’s purple!!

If you love purple . . .

  • Purple people are sensitive and supportive, always thinking of others rather than themselves. However, we must be careful not to get taken advantage of.
  • We love peace and quiet.  That means that we give the impression that we are shy but it truly is not the case.
  • Creative beings?  Yes!  Especially when it comes to our surroundings and appearance, and did I mention that we love all things eclectic and unconventional?
  • Purple beings have a great imagination and we tend to see the world through rose, I mean, purple tinted glasses.  However, we are continually looking for the meaning of life through spirituality.
  • We are generous with our gifts and rarely ask for anything in return.
  • Many of us are very secretive and private.
  • “Purpular” People have difficulty dealing with crowds and choose individuality over trying to copy others.
  • We have a passion for wanting to make this world a better place, many times holding positions where we can help that dream come true.
  • Our spirits are usually high and we love to travel and explore different cultures, not to mention meeting new friends.  We pride ourselves in being good judges of character.
  • At times, we take on too many projects and it can cause us stress.  So we resort to mediation to bring ourselves back to balance.

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