Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

We have taken up a new hobby …. hiking the hills and valleys in the neighborhood at least a few times a week.  And, it’s been absolutely amazing.  It’s great exercise and we get out to enjoy nature.  Not to mention …. the views are amazing.

Green Rolling Hills

Looks like others have been here before.  Even though there is graffiti on all the beautiful rock formations,
looking past all of that, the view is breath taking.

Lone TreeWith just an elevation of a few hundred feet, this lone tree has a beautiful view of the surrounding San Gabriel mountains.

Rock Face

We discovered this ghostly rock formation about half way up the climb.  Oh, the stories it could tell.

View from one plateau

Only a portion of the way up the steep, ass-burning workout, we stopped to turn around and look at the view.
That little white speck by the gate is our car.

Panoramic View from the Top

Ahhhhhh!  Finally at the top.  We concluded that those far mountain ranges are about 30 – 40 miles away.
Estimated elevation about 1200 feet according to Google Earth.


And what climb wouldn’t be complete without the sunset?  Absolutely Beauteous!
And to think, this is all within a ten minute drive from our house.

As we stand high above the rest of the world, we can hear the traffic of three intersecting highways.

Where is everyone going?

Why are they in such a hurry to get from here to there?

How many of them stop to appreciate the beauty all around them?

Take time today to enjoy your neighborhood and the beauty that surrounds you.
There is beauty just outside your door.

Awaken your life to infinite possibilities!!

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