Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


There is a grand scheme of things.  Finding it? Ah, that’s part of the journey.

Who are you and what is your purpose? Knowing this allows the Universe to take you on a wild journey. But when obstacles get in the way or situations don’t go well, we wonder, “Why do these things always happen to me?”  We’ve all had personal trauma and drama like death, divorce, or losing a job. We complain with destructive self-talk and become our own helpless victims. This is how we live.


But, what if we harnessed that energy and turned it into something positive, redirected our lives forward, instead of backwards? What might happen?

Take something away from every circumstance, every day. Like the energy and tranquility of the sunset unfolding before your eyes, let your journey lead you, always being open to all possibilities.

There is a grand scheme of things, with many obstacles. Everybody experiences them. There is a reason and a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

About the photos: The sunset photo was taken the same time and to the left of the first photo in Sedona, AZ.
Although there was no evidence of it, it reminded me of a sky where there had been forest fires.

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