Tribute to Mom

I haven’t been here at My Awakening Life for awhile.  The reason being is that my Mother passed away the end of April and I was dealing with traveling to visit with her earlier in the month, dealing with the emotions of letting go and trying to remain Awakened.
Some thoughts of the events over the last few months that I have learned from . . .
Never take anything for granted.  You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
Life has a way of giving you situations that you can experience and learn valuable lessons.


My Mother was 91 when she passed from this world onto her next journey. She lived a full and rich life and although we didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, I always respected her and loved her because she was the person who gave me life.
In early March of this year, I felt compelled to write her a letter thanking her for giving me life and raising me in the best way she knew how.  It’s difficult to raise a child given the fact that we don’t come with an owner’s manual.  So, we do the best we can at the time even though we make mistakes along the way. I thanked her for teaching me right from wrong and for things like an appreciation of gardening, nature and sunsets, teaching me how to cook,  and guiding me to follow a path as an entrepreneur.  I also thanked her and Dad for always providing more than adequately for our family.  In her frail state of consciousness, she held my hand and thanked me for the letter. It was a moment of peace for both of us.
We gathered at the grave site, where my Father was waiting for her, and said our good byes in the pouring rain.  It was an important moment for our family as we sat there, suspended in grief, holding on to the memories of cherished moments of her life.
Our journey then took us back for a visit to our homestead a few miles away from the cemetery.  I hadn’t been able to visit there since my Father passed away and Mom sold the house 11 years ago.  Somehow, it seemed like the right thing to do and it really wasn’t the grieving experience as I had expected.  It felt like it was the closure that I needed.
Rest in Peace, Mom and Dad.  I miss you!
34 Morris
This is the Homestead where I grew up.  My parents built this house and paid for it as they built it.  They never had a mortgage.  It sat on 13 acres of land given to my Father by my Grandfather for the cost of $500.00.  It was a place where family gathered during the holidays, cousins came to visit from the big city during the summer, where we grew our own vegetables, played with many dogs and farm animals and a place I called home.

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  1. A beautiful tribute. My condolences on your mother’s passing 🙁 I am very glad to hear that you had such a special moment together when you shared the letter with her. Amazing story about the homestead where you grew up too. Hoping you are doing ok and moving through your grieving process surrounded by much love and support. ((hugs))

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