Tree of Life Pendants

Tree of Life Pendants

I have always had a love affair with trees, ever since I was a little girl.  I loved climbing in them, staying cool under them, hugging them, eating their fruits and smelling their flowers.   And especially, photographing them.
The Tree of Life is a Universal Symbol anyone can proudly wear to make a statement about their faith and passion for this Earth. It’s a way to be consciously aware of our enlightenment and a continual reminder of our connection to the Earth as we develop and ground in our spiritual practices. It’s a way to balance and heal our body, mind and spirit and connect with our true purpose.

Did you know that most every culture has a concept for the Tree of Life?

It symbolizes our inter-connected-ness to all of life in a mystical and alluring way.

And so I share my love of trees with you.
I hope you will enjoy wearing your Tree of Life Pendant as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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