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Someone special on my FaceBook page shared this photo and I had to pass it on.  

We all have fears.  So how do you deal with your fears? How do you deal with that thing in your gut or pain in your neck?

Have you discovered what your fears really are?  Are you telling yourself stories in your head that intensify your fears? Once you discover what you actually fear, you will be able to move past them.  You will be on the road to have control over those fears and thoughts.

Sometimes fear is a good thing, like when we are in flight or fright.  It also comes to us when we are doing something outside of our comfort zone or being put at risk.  That can be good in the sense that it causes us to shift.

Write Fear a Letter

Let fear know that you are not afraid of it, that you actually welcome it in order to make yourself better.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a class about self confidence.  We were asked to write fear a letter.  Here’s what I wrote:
Dear Fear,
(Written with your RIGHT hand):
I have to tell you something.  I want you to take a back seat in my life.  Actually, I’d like to divorce you but sometimes I need your guidance but only in a positive way.  I know I invited you and sometimes I feed you. I have a fond affection to you, and I embrace you, but I don’t want you to control my life, my thoughts or my attitude or wake up with me or go to sleep with me.  When I have turned to you, I realize that I have gotten exceptional results in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, but I cannot let you control me.  I must embrace you as a good friend where all the boundaries are in place.
Here’s what Fear wrote back:
(Written with your LEFT hand):
Thank you for bringing that to my attention.  Let’s work on that together and start a new life together and give it another chance.
What are your fears?  Write your letter today.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Interesting that green is the subject for this week’s Photo Challenge. I’m into green.  Just this past week I took this photo while at the dog park.  It’s our custom to run our high-spirited, I’m-only-here-to-chase-my-ball Dalmatian several times a week at the dog park and we usually go in the late afternoon when the sun is celebrating its golden hour.  As we drove into the park, I noticed how the sun was reflecting its brilliance on the delicate leaves of this tree.  I had an idea in my head of the shot I wanted to take and of course, as I always do, I take lots of photos.  I decided to use the very first one I shot . . . from the mind’s eye to the camera to the computer screen.
And interestingly, if you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love trees.  I photograph them, paint them, draw them, plant them and even create them.  (That sounds a bit poetic.)  I love there shapes, interesting root patterns protruding above ground, the way their branches intertwine, their veiny leaves, their shadows, their bark, or lack of, their graceful thrusting of their arms to the heavens, their leaves blowing in the wind, their majestic splenditude and resistance to Mother Nature, to name a few of their qualities.  I love trees so much that I also create them in the form of jewelry, know as Tree of Life Pendants.  As with each piece I make, I find that every one is different and unique, just like a tree.
I say: Live like a tree. Take root and reach for the sky.
About the quote:  This is one of my favorite quotes that I read every day.  As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I reflect on the positive people that have been in my life and I am thankful for each and every one of them.  Every day, I am open to the experience of more positive and empowering people coming into my life. Bring them on!


Abundance can mean many things to us.  One person may feel that the abundant life means great wealth and a lot of material possessions.  Yet, to another, it can be a life filled with love, joy, peace, health and harmony.
What does abundance mean to you? Do you have limiting beliefs that hold you back from your true abundance?
Today, I behold all the abundance that surrounds me. 
From the 21-Day Meditation Challenge – Day 1

Ego or Essence?

Do you ever question your thoughts!  Does your egoic mind take over your thoughts?
Step into the NOW and experience your true Essence.
But what is our true Essence?  It’s the real thing.  It’s who we really and truly are.  Its’ the divine Self that is you, me, us.
However, because we are programmed to pay attention to our thoughts, we fail to notice our real Essence or the actual now of NOW.
How would it feel to drop out of the “mental” world and into the NOW to experience peace, calm, joy and the richness of  life … the Essence of our own true selves?
Egoic thoughts like “I’m not good enough,” or “I’ll never have what I want” …. it’s the false self speaking, those voices in the head …. all driven by the ego.
Let go of the conditional thoughts, the shoulds, the beliefs and the opinions that other have bestowed on us, the cultural conditioning about life.
Step into your true Essence – that is who you truly are.
Be aware of your thoughts.  Ask yourself:  Is it true?  Is it useful?  How does it make me feel? The mind isn’t interested in the present moment.  It loves the past and future.  Notice this!
Did you ever notice how your mind wanders into the past and future?  Continually!  Use your Essence to notice this path of the mind.  Your Essence is content to notice the arising moment and respond to it without thoughts.
What is your mind thinking of right now? Are you aware of your surroundings?  Feelings?  Sensations? Urges?  Insights?
Let go of the struggle and allow your true Essence to step forth and shine.
Free yourself from the bondage of the egoic mind.  Let’s have more present moments in the NOW and less crappy thoughts!  Starting now!
About the photo:  The beautiful Amaryllis is a stunning flower associated with the holidays.  It symbolizes pride, determination and radiant beauty …. the kind that emanates from the inner source and flowers outward …. much like the the Essence of our own beauty.

Knowing Myself

The more I know myself, the less I am affected by the opinions and thoughts of others.

About the Photo:  Taken in Hollis, Alaska at the Ferry Terminal during a brief moment before the sun began to set.  If you know anything about that area, it rains a lot, like 120 inches per year.  That’s twelve feet!!  So, seeing the sun, and especially at sunset, it a real treat.

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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.
~ Joseph Campbell ~

About the photo:  Another beautiful sunset in Southeast Alaska.