Which are you?



Today’s question: Are you living in an awakened consciousness or an ego consciousness?
So many things happen in our lives where we tend to feel hurt or taken advantage of. This is normal according to our culture and upbringing. Someone says or does something to us that hurts  deeply and immediately we feel anger and rage within us. That is the ego consciousness.
But, what if we, instead, we tapped into our awakened consciousness? In this state we no longer feel the negative emotions. This gives us freedom from suffering and detaches us from the negative ego. This is empowering. This is freedom. This is no longer being the victim but being the victor. The Universe gives us these situations in order for us to grow. If life were always fun and games, no one would grow.
When we tap into our inner feelings, really feel what is going on, we can identify with our ego suffering. The world is suffering from ego poisoning.  When we claim our “Is-ness”, which is the quality of being, life changes. From “Is-ness” we find universal love and forgiveness and freedom.
So next time you feel anger or rage from one of life’s challenges, tap into that feeling, deeply feel it. Question it. Don’t take it personally. When you are on the journey of crystal clarity, you feel and live the whole inner process of re-claiming who you are and resolving the situation or problem becomes an easy process.
So which are you?
Are you living in awakened consciousness or ego consciousness?
Are you the victim or the victor?
Live Awake!
For more clarity on this topic, listen to Mooji
About the photographs:
Top: Eaton Canyon in Southern California
Bottom: Klawock Inlet on Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska
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Walking in Presence

The Path of Presence

May you walk in presence with every step you take.

Being present is being YOU.

You don’t have to wait for everything to be just right.

Just Be.

There is no need for conditions.

Being present is more valuable than any material thing.

When you are present your day will go amazingly different.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing …. be present.

Presence will serve as a pathway to the journey you choose.

No conditions. No alternatives.

Just presence!

Now is the time.

Then . . .

You will be exactly where you are supposed to be.

About the Photo: One of my favorite paths in Ketchikan, Alaska at Totem Bight.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Summer

sunset_freeThe best things in life are free.
Take time to enjoy them to the fullest.

Fire in the Sky

Looking out my window I could see the sky beginning to burst with color
Reaching for my camera I hurried out the door.
I didn’t know where I was going, just knew I would see something spectacular.
It was one of those summer sunsets that you just know is going to be amazing.
Before my very eyes, Mother Nature’s painting grew more beautiful with each moment as the sun sunk into the mountains.
Every time I look at this most favorite photo, I am in awe of Nature as I appreciate and enjoy it to the fullest.
And guess what? It’s free!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Once, an historic landmark and the most photographed house on Prince of Wales Island, this beauty of a float house was abandoned after many years of neglect. I knew the last, eclectic residents that lived there and witnessed it beached many times. Each time it was laid on the shore by the tides, more bolts would loosen, boards would separate from the structure, even to the extent that it was tied with ropes to keep it together to survive another impending tide.
It was quite the site to see when first coming into this tiny fishing town in Southeast Alaska with it’s brilliant blue paint silhouetted against cloudy skies. Many times I would drive by and see a group of people with cameras snapping photos. I am sure there were all sorts of stories these visitors had to tell when they returned home.
Photo by Richard Trojan
Here’s what the ole girl looked like while I lived there. Shortly after we moved, the city condemned the house and she was put to rest.  Yes, abandoned, but not forgotten. Good memories live on!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

I recall, as a little girl, my Mom calling us all into the living room to look at the sunset and enjoy the beauty together.  I still find myself doing the same …. calling anyone around me to enjoy its’ beauty and say farewell to this day.  Why, I’ve been in conversation with a complete stranger and realized that Mother Nature was creating a painting for us and the show would only last a few moments.  Stop. Take in the beauty. Be present!
And of course, I’m almost never without a camera.  Here’s a few photos I’d like to share with you . . .

One of my favorite photos.  No PhotoShop here. A 360 view, in Alaska, of course!


California sunset with tree silhouettes.


Back in Alaska, watching the tide come in and enjoying the view.


Sky on fire!  Amazing!  I watched this sunset until the last bit of color vanished into the darkness.
What a show!


I am always amazed at the different shade and hues. No two alike.


Sunset during forest fires.  Ominous and eerie.

My habit …. to enjoy the sunset in the present moments it is available to us and be grateful for the beautiful colors, shapes and textures, then, to capture it on film for future moments to remember its’ amazing beauty.

“It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark)
that whatever you say to them, they always purr.”

~ Lewis Carroll ~
Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There 


Just in time to fit in with my post and the theme Habit ….
along comes this great article from fellow blogger
Eric Tonningsen’s “Awakening to Awareness”

A Valuable Ally: Intuition


Only in Still Waters


“Zen masters say you cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water.”

Taken from a Taoist proverb, Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love writes this beautiful saying in her search for enlightenment and seeking oneness with the Universe.
When we reflect, think and plan without quieting one’s self we really cannot see our reflection, or our true selves.  So often our busy monkey minds take over and we speed through our days without even taking a moment to see our reflection, where we are, who we are, where we are going.

The waters of our mind are always churning.

Only when we become still, does our vision become like a mirror.

After seeing the movie, I decided I wanted to read the book to get a better understanding of her unaltered-by-Hollywood concepts of her experience. I like her concept of short, bite-size chapters and her in depth views of how she seeks to become a better human being through meditation and following her dreams.

"Happy Spring!" says the Yellow Daffodil


I think that all flowers are beautiful and can bring a smile to your face.  But the harbinger of spring, the yellow faced Daffodil, was created to warm our hearts and make us smile.  It’s like the sunshine right there before your eyes.  Some even call it a “yellow miracle.”  When you think about it, the bulb sits dormant all winter long, taking a long nap, just waiting for the right time, when the sun has warmed the soil, to pop up and blossom in yellow brilliance.


Color theorists tell us that too much yellow can be over stimulating, but small spots of color sprinkled in our garden, or around your house,  brings us good cheer and happiness, in this small, perfectly-sized yellow package.  Just seeing them, with their bright green stems stretching toward the sky, and their heads nodding in the breeze, can make anyone leave their gloomy feelings behind and be present in the moment.


So if you have the chance, treat yourself, or someone you love, to the sunshine flower, the Daffodil.  Put a cluster on your kitchen table to greet you when you enter the room.  Or place them on the night stand so upon wakening in the morning, they greet you with a smile.  Enhance someone’s mood by leaving a cheery bokay on the doorstep of a friend. They have the capacity to fill our heart and mind with warmth and happiness.  Spoil yourself or share them with someone as a reminder that they are loved.