One Day at a Time . . .

This too, shall pass!

It won’t always be this way.  One day at a time.  One moment at a time.
Change can be good.  Today I will find the good in this situation and ask myself . . .
What can I learn from this experience?
What is the gift for me in this situation?
What is one loving thing I can do for myself right now?
It won’t always be like this!  Tomorrow will bring new changes.  This too, shall pass!
About the photograph:  Taken during a stormy evening in Southeast Alaska.  I like the way the camera captured the bluish-gray hues.  Where we lived, we didn’t see waves very often because we were so protected by outer islands.  But when it stormed, everyone would come out to watch Mother Nature in action.  What a great way to meet our neighbors.


I have choices.  I can either accept them or I can change my thoughts and actions.
Have you ever met a person that radiates a lot of anger, hate or is inconsiderate to you?  They are around us in every situation.  They zap your energy.  They are filled with negative comments.  They try to make you feel guilty. After spending time with them you leave feeling drained of your energy.
Well …. I have a choice.  I can’t change them but I can change the amount of time that I spend with them, or choose not to be around them at all.  I can choose to accept them as they are and create an energetic shift in my relationships.  Yes, I have choices!  I make those choices when I am centered and present.


“Take time from doing to enjoy being.”
I found that quote recently while I was browsing in a thrift store.  It was on this pretty little blue tin, sitting there on the shelf, kind of by itself, waiting to be noticed.  I picked it up and read the quote.  Interesting, I thought.  I put it down and walked further down the aisle, still thinking about it as I looked at other things.
The quote kept repeating itself in my head as I walked around looking at other things.  I wasn’t sure I had it right.  So, I returned back to its place on the shelf to write it down.  It was worth remembering.  (Now, in hind-sight, I wish I had bought it.  But least I had written it down.)
“Take time from doing to enjoy being.”  I read it over and over, realizing we are always busy doing something.  Doing our job, doing the laundry, doing something, doing, doing, doing.
But how do I enjoy being?  Do I take time from doing to being?  Most of the time ….. no.  Then what is being?  I asked myself.  It’s finding true happiness in simple, seemingly unremarkable things.  It’s being aware of the quiet, the space in between the sounds and words, being surrounded by nature, listening to my breathing, hearing a fountain quietly babbling, noticing a beautiful flower’s patterns, mediating.
Being is accepting that I didn’t buy the little blue tin with the quote on it, but more importantly, being aware of the message that little blue tin brought me, that I found the time from doing to enjoy being. Thank you little blue tin for being.


A place to practice presence in Alaska.

“Awareness is the space in which thoughts exist when that space has become conscious of itself.”
How often do we indulge in unconscious thinking?
How often do we make a conscious effort to invite presence into our lives?
“Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life”, Eckhart tells us.
So, while I am waiting at that traffic light, or in line at the grocery store, or waiting for a program to load on my computer, I intend to realize that the most significant thing that can happen comes from within me, not from the external world.  This is the beginning of the separation process of my thinking and my awareness.
What will you do today to make space and bring presence into your life?  Share your thoughts with us.


“I am ready to view my life through the eyes of love.”
Today during my meditation with Deepak Chopra,  I realized my need to develop a more loving and positive inner dialogue.  I asked, “How does my old dialogue serve the path I am on?”  It’s just that …. old.  It’s obsolete.  Today, I will leave the past behind, walking into the silence and awakening to a new path, a new day, a renewed sense of power brought on by knowing I am loved and loving.  Today is a new day.  I will view it differently, through positive inner dialogue, allowing this message to become part of my awareness and awakening.  Today, I will view my life through the eyes of love.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.  Today as I was taking a walk with my grandchildren, we made it a point to notice the beautiful things around us.  We found yellow and orange leaves on the ground, colored fungus on fallen trees, rain drops on leaves and  lots of muddy puddles where we could splash and jump.

Sometimes we just have to stop and look around at the smallest of things in nature and appreciate them.
Life is full of beauty.  Awaken to find the beautiful things in your life.