Making Meditation Simple

Osho explains “Make meditation simple, make it associated with things which normal human beings aspire for. Don’t unnecessarily make it complicated, religious, theological, philosophical – let it be purely a scientific technique.”
“Meditation is nothing but the simple art of slipping out of the mind.  It looks difficult in the beginning because we have forgotten it. For centuries we have not been in contact with the art, but once you learn the knack of it, it is very simple.”

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    Great post about meditation! Meditative techniques can be incorporated into everyday routines like walking, showering, brushing teeth…and meditation doesn’t have to be associated with any particular religion or philosophy. It can be as simple as just focusing on the breath or can be deeply meditating upon certain virtues or ideas. Meditation has great benefits for everyone irrespective of any views. 😀

    1. I just recently discovered Osho. I picked up a book of his on “Intuition” at a thrift shop. Little did I know the power of his thoughts and words, and I have been hooked ever since. That photo was taken at Buddha Beach in Sedona, AZ, one of the most beautiful places to meditate. People go there just to build cairns and they are everywhere. Beautiful!!!

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