Just One Degree

One degree.  That’s all it takes is to shift one degree of your life.  When you change the direction in which you have been moving and shift it by one degree, a year from now, you won’t even recognize your life.  Just one degree will take you miles from where you used to be.

Tony Robbins said,
“One degree or one millimeter … of perception change or angle change,
means the difference between success and failure, moving on or staying stuck.”

OK, so let’s look at the things in your life that you would like to change.  What goals do you want to reach?  Do they seem so far away?  Does your current mindset give you an accurate reading on where you want to go?  Or does your mind tell you that you will never reach your goals because they are too “out there”?
Don’t give up!  
All it takes is one small change, just one degree of change to make things happen.
When we look at our goals as far off in the distance, they seem insurmountable or unattainable, then we get depressed and want to quit.
Here’s the trick …..when you look at your goals in the here and now, you change your mindset and what makes you feel that your goals are more attainable.
By shifting just one degree you can open up many new possibilities in your life.  What change do you want to make in your life?
Don’t let obstacles get in your way.  Stay the course!  Do small things each day.  Shift.  Change. Take action.  Shift by one degree and see what happens.
If you don’t like where the past year has taken you, turn around and look at your footsteps.  Don’t make the same mistakes twice.  It’s your choice.
It’s a new day.  It’s a new year.  It’s just one degree.

This post was inspired by Frank Fradella

About the Photo: Another beautiful kayak adventure on Prince of Wales Island at sunset. 

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  1. I believe that is true. One degree is all it takes. Everyday we make changes, decisions and directions that shapes what our life will be today and years from now. Awesome post!

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