"Happy Spring!" says the Yellow Daffodil


I think that all flowers are beautiful and can bring a smile to your face.  But the harbinger of spring, the yellow faced Daffodil, was created to warm our hearts and make us smile.  It’s like the sunshine right there before your eyes.  Some even call it a “yellow miracle.”  When you think about it, the bulb sits dormant all winter long, taking a long nap, just waiting for the right time, when the sun has warmed the soil, to pop up and blossom in yellow brilliance.


Color theorists tell us that too much yellow can be over stimulating, but small spots of color sprinkled in our garden, or around your house,  brings us good cheer and happiness, in this small, perfectly-sized yellow package.  Just seeing them, with their bright green stems stretching toward the sky, and their heads nodding in the breeze, can make anyone leave their gloomy feelings behind and be present in the moment.


So if you have the chance, treat yourself, or someone you love, to the sunshine flower, the Daffodil.  Put a cluster on your kitchen table to greet you when you enter the room.  Or place them on the night stand so upon wakening in the morning, they greet you with a smile.  Enhance someone’s mood by leaving a cheery bokay on the doorstep of a friend. They have the capacity to fill our heart and mind with warmth and happiness.  Spoil yourself or share them with someone as a reminder that they are loved.


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