Grounding Ourselves to the Earth

We hear the word “grounding” a lot these days.

But what is it, really?

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a way for us to bring ourselves back to the Earth, to the reality of what is, to the present moment. Some of us are more prone to this, others have a difficult time being firmly rooted in their body. Grounding provides your body with abundant electrons directly from the Earth.
If you are one of those people that has a hard time with Grounding, perhaps the best way to begin to realize how to ground is through our breath. Take a few deep breaths and feel, really feel, your breath going in and out of your body. Feel your belly rise and fall with each breath. Then, feel the sensations in your body from head to toe. Really concentrate on this for a few moments each day and soon you will know and feel what it means to be grounded. And you will most likely do it unconsciously as a daily routine.
Taking it a step farther, you can imagine that roots are growing from your feet and there by connecting you to the Earth. This powerful energy from the Earth proves most beneficial as a practice to move our lives in the direction we want it to flow. Grounding is a sacred Union with the Universe. It brings us into a conscious awareness of the sensations in our body. When we are Grounded we are more productive. We can think things through on a more conscious and awakened level.
Studies have shown that when we Ground, it improves our heart rate, our sleep patterns, our autonomic nervous system’s balance, and significantly reduces stress and cortisol, and it has an impact on body inflammation so we function better. This could be the missing link to getting and staying healthy.  Some say that Grounding or Earthing is the most important health discovery ever.
In today’s world, we all wear rubber or plastic-soled shoes, and sleep on synthetic mattresses, no longer connecting us to the Earth and this prevents the Earth’s electrons from entering our bodies. These negative charges, which are always available through the Earth, have been known to prevent inflammation of damaging our healthy tissues.  A person who is Grounded is less stressed and more relaxed.
Grounding ourselves, especially at the beginning of each day, is a very beneficial practice to do. It’s very simple: Just bring consciously awareness to your body as you walk around each day. An exercise to practice is to find a patch of green grass, take off your shoes and just walk mindfully. This helps us to Ground in a more positive way without having to imagine doing it.
Some things you can do in your home to help you to stay Grounded is to turn your cell phones off, eliminate WiFi by using an Ethernet cable, thus eliminating EMF’s into your house.
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  1. I really appreciate this post! I notice it right away when I’m not grounded. So I try to start my day with an early morning practice of writing and sitting in meditation. It’s how I keep my mind right, and my body grounded.

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