Forgiveness ….. When You Finally Let Go


Often times we don’t want to forgive someone or a situation because we feel that it is an excuse for their behavior or an action that was done to us.
It’s just that …. an assumption.
In reality, it has nothing to do with that person or situation. It has to do with YOU. 
You are the one who receives all the benefits of healing when you forgive and LET GO. 
Forgiveness is healing. When you forgive, it allows your entire being and heart to heal. It opens the door to healing not only your spirit and mind but your physical body.

Do you find it hard to forgive?
What emotions and feelings are you holding inside? Anger, sadness, grief, pain and blame?

So, ask yourself:  How does that bring me JOY? 
How does it serve you to dwell on these thoughts?
How much more time do you want waste going over and over the story in your mind, telling others and thinking of how you can get back at this person?

When you let go you create space
for better things to enter your Life! 

Forgiveness is a deep process and it takes time. When you lift the burden from your own heart you feel lighter and more JOYful.

Remember this ….. you are not excusing this person or situation for the actions that were done to you. Instead you are releasing the burden and negativity from your own heart.

Healing and forgiveness go hand in hand.

When you forgive yourself and others you move forward and open yourself to more abundance and blessings the Universe has in store for you. It will give you a sense of more completion and wholeness in every area of your life.

Mantra for Today: 
I replace every attitude, belief, physical, mental, emotional
and spititual problem with forgiveness.”

Spend time today in meditation and on these thoughts. Share your comments below.

2 Replies to “Forgiveness ….. When You Finally Let Go”

  1. Healing and forgiveness truly do go hand in hand, and this is an amazing post to share with us the feeling of being able to finally let go and move on with freedom. It seems it took me forever to realize that my feelings often had nothing to do with that person or situation, but instead it was all within my power. Great words here, beautiful.

    1. Life is a process of sometimes doing the same thing over and over. Moving on . . . Growth . . . Forgiving . . . Allowing . . . Receiving . . . all with an Open Heart! Freedom!

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