Edit Your Life


You can choose to accept how your life is right now …..
or you can create a life that fulfills you in every way.

Our lives are like a play or movie script. Did you know that you have the power to “edit” it when you feel things aren’t going the way you planned? This can be very empowering.  You can “cut” the things that aren’t working for you and replace them with positive thoughts and actions. You write the story of your own life for you are its star of the show.
We all have the ability within us to look at what is working or what is not working and change it accordingly. As your life evolves, you have the choice to accept it as you have planned it or you can edit it again and again. You are responsible for what you create and you can thus have the life you always dreamed about.
However, editing your life isn’t always easy. When we have unhealthy relationships that have been with us for long periods of time or if we are carrying around the beliefs that we have grown up with, these may cause us difficulty when we try to “erase” those lines in the script. We might have to disassociate ourselves from the people we are hanging around with or we might have to leave some emotional baggage at the dumpster of life.
When we eliminate the negative things in our lives, that creates space for positive things to enter like new, healthy relationships and positive experiences. Just as you have the power to edit out the negative, you can invite the positive into your life and fill it with beliefs that serve you better than your old style of living.
So how is all this possible?
To begin ….. start with your thought process.  Are you mostly thinking negative or positive things? When you ask yourself about the people and experiences that no longer serve you, can you make a commitment to yourself to remove them? This might require a lot of editing but well worth it in the end.  Through this experience, you want to be patient and compassionate with yourself and not beat yourself up through this process. Breath deeply and meditate as you consider the next lines you will write in your script. Contemplate and manifest how you want your story to read.
Ask yourself about the joyful moments that you have already experienced in your life. How can you make them happen again and again? How can you make them a part of your life again? Take some time to do this. It doesn’t happen overnight. When you consciously make room for improvement and new experiences in your life you will find happiness and JOY in abundance. It’s all about what you are telling yourself in your every day thoughts.
Edit out the negative and replace it with the positive. It sounds simple and with continued effort it will bring you the life you want, on your terms, in your own space. No one can take that away from you. You are the creator of your life. Clear out what no longer serves you and replace it with your dreams and manifestations.
When you have a clear purpose for your life, you can rewrite the script any time you want.
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  1. Yes! This is a great read, inspiring post! Made some major changes recently, I knew it was time didn’t realize how much I was filled with negative thinking. Letting go jumping ship making the change was the best thing I could do!

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