Dis-ease and Drama Free


“When we are connected to higher energies, in truth,
every single difficulty we have on this planet,
every single disease, every problem, is a reflection of
where we have denied

or blocked the flow of energy from Source.  
And even though it shows up as this or that disease in our body,
or this problem or that problem, and things are out of balance,
it is all part of the play that reflects our connection to Source.”
~ Gregory Hoag ~

My theme the last few weeks has been centered on thoughts. It seems every where I turn, I am feeling the connection of how our thoughts influence our lives. Thoughts are the connection of Source through Us. They are the flow that comes from within and can stir up negative or positive emotions.
When we connect with Source from within, we are more balanced and loving. We have less stress, less negative emotions and less unhealthy thoughts that create chaos in our lives. Everything changes. Energy changes and flows abundantly; we are centered and focused. From that point our potential for change happens and energy comes to the surface instead of being covered with negativity, fear, dis-ease and unhappiness.
And this is your choice. You can connect to Source and the positive energy or you can stay in the same situation that you are and have been for years. Your choice is that you can connect to every opportunity that comes your way. You can connect with drama and fear or love and abundance.
Hanging on to the past and the old self filled with dis-ease and painful emotions only brings fear and unhappiness. It’s the same old, same old. Bringing true happiness into your life has to come from within. Clear the path. Re-program your life and start anew. Allow those old beliefs to dissolve and get out of your life for good.
Yes, there will be challenges but in the end you will find out who you really are. It will be easier to go with the flow of life and accept changes while making the right decisions of how to be happy and in alignment with Source and your true self. You will come out shining like the brightest star that you are meant to BE.

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