Making Meditation Simple

Osho explains “Make meditation simple, make it associated with things which normal human beings aspire for. Don’t unnecessarily make it complicated, religious, theological, philosophical – let it be purely a scientific technique.”
“Meditation is nothing but the simple art of slipping out of the mind.  It looks difficult in the beginning because we have forgotten it. For centuries we have not been in contact with the art, but once you learn the knack of it, it is very simple.”

Tree of Life Pendants

New Year Wishes


The wonder of surprise
As I opened the curtains
All beautiful and white
Now, that is for certain.

Quickly got dressed
With camera in hand
Headed into the world
Yes! Isn’t it grand?

Wishing you a year of happiness,
peace, joy, harmony and laughter.

About the photo: Taken with my Nikon at one of my favorite places near my house. The peaceful walk was invigorating as I enjoyed the beauty of snow covering the earth.

This Time of Year . . .

Happy Holidays
This time of year is always reflective to us as we gather to celebrate with family and friends. I remember every holiday (Christmas, New Year, Easter and Mother’s Day and sometimes in between) our family on my Mom’s side would get in the car and travel to New Jersey to one of my aunt’s houses. My Dad would grumble that he would have to put up with the Uncles-in-Law habits like Uncle Fred snoring loudly in the overstuffed chair after dinner or having to smell Uncle Harry’s cheap cigars, or that he couldn’t watch the football game he wanted because Cousin Jimmy had control of the dials, a transistor radio on each ear, plus our two TVs.
It was always a fun time for me because all us girl cousins, who were around the same age, would lock ourselves in the bedroom and talk about all sorts of things. No little kids or boys allowed. I can’t remember anything specifically that we talked about, probably boys and school and I remember we laughed a lot. Then, someone would bang loudly on our door, we quickly silenced our conversation. It was time to eat with the family, although many times we got our own table, away from the grown ups. After dinner, we had to help with the dishes. We’d all would pitch in and I usually dried because then I wouldn’t get pruney fingers from being in the dish water too long and I didn’t have to put anything away. Then, off we would go outside to do some sort of activity, like walk on the boardwalk by the ocean or take a walk around the neighborhood while the men snored a symphony in front of the TV, and the Sisters talked around the kitchen table. But before anyone went home, we had to all get together and take a family picture. And that’s a tradition we have kept all these years.
Cousins Club with Uncles

Love this photo of the Cousins and Uncles. (Where are the Aunts?)

 I am grateful for those holiday memories and traditions, then and now. It’s brought me to where I am on my journey. It’s amazing how we have become aware of our awareness, isn’t it? With each passing day, remember and be grateful for family and friends. Reflect back in your journey where you were ten years ago, or five, or just a year ago. Be in Gratitude for coming into your awareness.
Thank you to each of you has followed my journey over the past year. I am honored that you “like” and “share” what I write and photograph. During this time of year, don’t forget to tell someone you love them.  Do random acts of kindness. Give smiles and hugs freely.

My WORD for 2013 . . . And the winner is . . . PRESENT

Thank you to everyone for sharing your WORD for the coming year.  Instead of making the traditional, empty, soon-to-be-broken resolutions, I have been choosing a WORD for the year.  It seems a lot easier than making a commitment to something that may or may not be carried out.
Among the top New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight, quit smoking, exercise, getting organized, spend less, save more and falling in love. About 45% Americans make resolutions BUT an astounding 8% actually achieve them.
Last year my word was SHIFT.  I don’t know what there was about that word but I kept hearing it all year long.  And that is exactly what happened in for me ….. my life shifted in a positive and abundant way, for which I am grateful.
And the winner is . . .  PRESENT sent by Audrey. 
PRESENCE is a noun …. not a verb.  It’s a state of BEING, not doing. In our society, a state of “being” isn’t ranked high.  Our culture places a high priority on “doing”.  BEING is an intimate connection with one’s self and others that strives for connectivity, a silent power, focus and an embodiment of spirit.
The reason I chose this WORD was because, in my humble opinion, in order for us to have any of the other WORDS like solitude, hope, abundance, connection, celebration, passion or happiness, we need to be PRESENT.  Being present helps us restore and maintain personal balance and alignment in our lives.  It helps us stay strong and keeps our negative “crap” detector in check.  All those other resolutions that we may make for the coming new year, well, being present helps us to achieve them.
So how we achieve PRESENCE?
First …. Ground yourself.  Get out of your head and into your body.  To cultivate awareness, we must feel relaxed from head to toe.  I know, sometimes that’s not easy.
Secondly, breathe.  Breathe deeply, fully and consciously.  This helps relax the stresses we are dealing with and allows our energy to flow through the body. Just ten minutes of deep breathing will help gain presence.
Thirdly, concentrate on where the tensions lie …. your shoulders, back, stomach, legs.  Give yourself permission to really, really FEEL it where your energy is blocked.  Relax and breathe into that tension.
Fourth, move your body.  Step out of the room you are in. Go for a walk. Get out into nature. Stretch.  All this helps to clear the mind, stop the mind chatter and help you relax.
Fifth, give yourself permission to be the real you.  Be aware of your true thoughts and feelings and allow them to surface.  Be authentic with yourself and others.
Sixth, let go of being a perfectionist.  This creates more tension than you realize.  Give up trying to be perfect.  None of us are.
Seven, focus on non-judgment of yourself and others.  Accept everything for what it is.
Eight is what excites you. Every day, find something that makes your energy soar and light up.  Connect with it, even if only in a small way.
Lastly, be present in this very moment.  Ask yourself, “How does it feel inside my body?”  “What do you feel right now?”   “What do I hear, smell or see in this very moment?”  Take a NOW break several times a day to keep your PRESENCE in check.
I have printed out the word PRESENT (in some of my favorite fonts) and placed it in various areas in my house, my car, my workspace, where ever I need to be reminded that I stay PRESENT.


So what will your WORD for the year 2013 be?  I would love to hear your choices. Please share. 
Contest Give-Away:  Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life Pendant Giveaway … Contest ends 12/21/12 (just like the world … as we know it)

Tomorrow is the end of the contest and I need MORE WORDS.
It’s not that I am not happy with the words that have been sent, but I need more choices.

Take a moment and HELP me out here!!!

Read the rest of the post . . .
Follow the contest rules below . . . 
I promise you won’t be disappointed in the PRIZE!


I have been blessed with many followers from the humble beginnings of my blog just six months ago.  I was delighted on the first publication of my blog that I had five people that “liked” it.  That was inspiring enough to write a second.
I am very grateful for your support in these few months and the fact that you are interested enough to like, comment and follow. I find that inspiring and gratifying.  So thank you, all you fabulous bloggers out there for making the connection.
So, in light of the holiday season, I wanted to give something back to you by having a giveaway.  Since we are nearing the shortest day of the year and approaching “Longer Days”, I decided to have the drawing on December 21st at 11:11 PM.  The phrase “Longer Days” was coined by the husband, having lived in Alaska for a few years,  where the shortest day of daylight was about seven hours and 15 minutes.  And, we lived in Southeast Alaska where we got more rain than snow so daylight would disappear under a cover of ominous dark clouds.  I am so looking forward to “Longer Days” in the coming weeks.  Besides, then we won’t  have to leave the house at 4 PM in order to take our dog to the park for his daily run.  This getting dark so early messes with my internal clock.  We come back from the park, it’s totally dark and feels three hours later.  My body wants to curl up in my comfy bed and hibernate.
With that said . . . we are also approaching a New Year when everyone, well, most everyone, makes a New Year’s Resolution, which we all know won’t make it to the end of the year, let alone the month.  I, personally, don’t like to follow the crowds but instead I like to choose a WORD as my intention for the year.  A resolution sounds too demanding.  Last year my word was SHIFT.  I have a strong inclination to use that word again but need some inspiration.
So, I decided to have a contest with a give-away prize to the person that comes up with the best inspirational WORD for the coming year.
So what’s the prize, you ask?
I design Tree of Life Pendants and I would like to give one to the winner, or winners if there is a tie.
Here’s how to enter:
Answer this question . . . What would your inspirational WORD be for the coming year?  And in one sentence, why?
Then . . .
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That’s it.
I will announce the winner on December 21st, Winter Solstice and Longer Days Celebration, at  11:11 PM.

Disclaimer:   Tree of Life Pendants are a one-of-a-kind design, handmade by me, made for you in the colors of your choice, gift wrapped and shipped.  You will be notified via email that you have won.  Prize will be mailed via USPO.