Letting Go of Judgments


Today I will let go of all judgments.

How often do we go through the day making judgments? Stop for a moment and think about that. It’s something that we may do unconsciously. We label things, people or actions. We define them in our own critical way. Where there is criticism, there is no love. We evaluate and analyse our co-workers, family or friends. Judgment means putting things in a category or classifing things or people. We call them right or wrong in our opinion.
Instead, today, make yourself aware of what you are judging and analyzing and let go of the need to label anything. Think about what happens when we judge someone. It makes them feel wrong, hurt or separated and isolated from you. This is how the ego defends itself. Actually, this is a disconnection from your true self, thus building up walls and shutting off the flow of Source.
When we stop judgment and criticism, we are basically saying to ourselves that we are willing to let things flow before making a decision on the outcome, person or situation, whether it is good or bad.
Today I will let go of all judgments so that I can experience a flow and silence within.
Today I will be the watcher instead of letting my ego take control of my thoughts.
Today I will align myself with the Universe and letting go of all my judgments that may creep into my mind.
Today I will not label the actions of anyone.
Today I will not evaluate or judge any circumstances.
Today I will not analyse the outcome of anything.
Today I will let go of all judgments.
Today I will be aware of my thoughts.
And so it is!
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

What better way to capture the theme of  a Threshold than at the door of a library where new beginnings await in every volume … a place where the Tree of Knowledge lives and calls us to open its pages and embark on a new journey or skill.
I have always been fascinated by trees and when I came upon this door, it called me to photograph it. Then, of course, I had to find the origin of the beautiful and artistic piece. Woodworker Ruben Guajardo, born and raised in La Verne, California, took on the project in 1985 when a 500-year old landmark oak tree at the La Verne High School was removed because it had become a safety hazard. He recalls climbing this very tree when he was a child. The door project took him three years to complete which he dedicated to his parents.

Live life a tree . . . take root and reach for the sky!

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Finding Lessons in Strange Places


If we learn to open our hearts,

anyone, including the people who drive us crazy,

can be our teacher.”

   ~ Pema Chodron ~
Sometimes, the lessons of patience, love and understanding can be found in the strangest of places.  Yes, even in those people that push our buttons.  We all have encountered them along our journey.  When we allow our thoughts, emotions and others to control our lives, we invite stress and negativity into our lives.
Let it go . . .
Let it go . . .
Let it go . . .

Step Away From the Madness

What trap are you caught in?
It could be a personal situation, relationship or issue which you’d rather not think about.  Or it could be something that has your full attention way more than it should. Eventually, we all reach a point where we are so caught up in the drama of our everyday lives, or the lives of others, that we no longer can feel or think.
That’s when it’s time to stop what we are doing and seek tranquility.  Oh, to seek an atmosphere of calm, stillness and serenity.  A place where our emotions and thoughts will allow us to re-discover who we are and where we are going.
Allow yourself to step away from the madness and frenzy of life and step into balance and awareness.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

This “nature” deer is definitely unique.  I have photographed it many times and always laughed to myself at how interestingly it looks like a deer.  The photo was taken in Craig, Alaska, on Prince of Wales Island.  I wonder if any Sitka Black-tails ever noticed it.  It might frighten even a human that came upon it at dusk or in the dark.
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Live like a tree. Take root and reach for the sky!!