Forgiveness ….. When You Finally Let Go


Often times we don’t want to forgive someone or a situation because we feel that it is an excuse for their behavior or an action that was done to us.
It’s just that …. an assumption.
In reality, it has nothing to do with that person or situation. It has to do with YOU. 
You are the one who receives all the benefits of healing when you forgive and LET GO. 
Forgiveness is healing. When you forgive, it allows your entire being and heart to heal. It opens the door to healing not only your spirit and mind but your physical body.

Do you find it hard to forgive?
What emotions and feelings are you holding inside? Anger, sadness, grief, pain and blame?

So, ask yourself:  How does that bring me JOY? 
How does it serve you to dwell on these thoughts?
How much more time do you want waste going over and over the story in your mind, telling others and thinking of how you can get back at this person?

When you let go you create space
for better things to enter your Life! 

Forgiveness is a deep process and it takes time. When you lift the burden from your own heart you feel lighter and more JOYful.

Remember this ….. you are not excusing this person or situation for the actions that were done to you. Instead you are releasing the burden and negativity from your own heart.

Healing and forgiveness go hand in hand.

When you forgive yourself and others you move forward and open yourself to more abundance and blessings the Universe has in store for you. It will give you a sense of more completion and wholeness in every area of your life.

Mantra for Today: 
I replace every attitude, belief, physical, mental, emotional
and spititual problem with forgiveness.”

Spend time today in meditation and on these thoughts. Share your comments below.

Does this bring me JOY?

What is getting in your way of a JOYful Journey?

We all have things in our lives that get in the way.
It could be negative friends, a failing relationship or an unhappy job situation.
All of these things are types of clutter that gets in our way.
Is clutter an obstacle on your path?
Today, I’d like to focus on the clutter that is around you in your house. This is a very therapeutic place to start …. deCluttering what is directly in contact with your life, at this very moment. It’s a great way to cleanse your house and mind and get on the path to eliminating the baggage that holds you back from being your true self and having the life you want.
By deCluttering the things around you, you start to feel better about yourself, which in turn can help you eliminate the other areas of clutter in your life.
Take Inventory!
Is your closet stuffed full of clothes you never wear?
Is there no room in your garage for your car?
Is your house in a tizzy?
Do you spend an endless amount of time looking for things?
Do you wish that you were more organized?
What is going on in your world?
Are you living in a world of clutter and disorganization?
I have too much stuff
You are busy with your life, your career, your hobbies, your family. We downsize our dreams of how our life might be. Can you relate to this? Sometimes it doesn’t so feel good.
I invite you to look around you in this moment.
Is your desk covered with papers and junk?
Are things spilling around you and on to the floor?
Is there a mess in the kitchen sink from last night’s dinner?
Are your clothes scattered all over your bedroom?
“But . . . I don’t know where to start.”

As you look around you, I want to invite you let’s have a conversation to help support you in making your life more in alignment with your vision and who you really want and desire to be ….. to be clutter free ….. to know where things are …… to save time in knowing where everything is and create more time in your life to do the things you really want to do.
A place for everything! A thing for every place!
After many years of being disorganized myself, I have learned some valuable tools to help you reclaim, find and build your life back again to live without the clutter and disorganization. So many of us are striving for this but we don’t know where to start.
I encourage you to take a few moments and feel the space around you. How would you envision your space to look? How would having less clutter help you see your life and the world? How would this renewal of space help you in your daily life?
How can deCluttering help me get organized in other areas of my life? 

Listen to your thoughts. 
I invite you to claim your space and your surroundings for YOU. Take responsibility, listen to your heart and step into a new way of thinking as you clear the clutter from your life.
Ask yourself …… “Does this bring me JOY?”
I have a FREE offer for you …… Let’s arrange a time for us to talk about deCluttering your life and your space. Click this link to schedule.  Sometimes, all we need is a guiding hand for support.
You know . . .  you can do this! 

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

Grounding Ourselves to the Earth

We hear the word “grounding” a lot these days.

But what is it, really?

Grounding, also known as Earthing, is a way for us to bring ourselves back to the Earth, to the reality of what is, to the present moment. Some of us are more prone to this, others have a difficult time being firmly rooted in their body. Grounding provides your body with abundant electrons directly from the Earth.
If you are one of those people that has a hard time with Grounding, perhaps the best way to begin to realize how to ground is through our breath. Take a few deep breaths and feel, really feel, your breath going in and out of your body. Feel your belly rise and fall with each breath. Then, feel the sensations in your body from head to toe. Really concentrate on this for a few moments each day and soon you will know and feel what it means to be grounded. And you will most likely do it unconsciously as a daily routine.
Taking it a step farther, you can imagine that roots are growing from your feet and there by connecting you to the Earth. This powerful energy from the Earth proves most beneficial as a practice to move our lives in the direction we want it to flow. Grounding is a sacred Union with the Universe. It brings us into a conscious awareness of the sensations in our body. When we are Grounded we are more productive. We can think things through on a more conscious and awakened level.
Studies have shown that when we Ground, it improves our heart rate, our sleep patterns, our autonomic nervous system’s balance, and significantly reduces stress and cortisol, and it has an impact on body inflammation so we function better. This could be the missing link to getting and staying healthy.  Some say that Grounding or Earthing is the most important health discovery ever.
In today’s world, we all wear rubber or plastic-soled shoes, and sleep on synthetic mattresses, no longer connecting us to the Earth and this prevents the Earth’s electrons from entering our bodies. These negative charges, which are always available through the Earth, have been known to prevent inflammation of damaging our healthy tissues.  A person who is Grounded is less stressed and more relaxed.
Grounding ourselves, especially at the beginning of each day, is a very beneficial practice to do. It’s very simple: Just bring consciously awareness to your body as you walk around each day. An exercise to practice is to find a patch of green grass, take off your shoes and just walk mindfully. This helps us to Ground in a more positive way without having to imagine doing it.
Some things you can do in your home to help you to stay Grounded is to turn your cell phones off, eliminate WiFi by using an Ethernet cable, thus eliminating EMF’s into your house.
For more information on Earthing or Grounding, check out or or

Dis-ease and Drama Free


“When we are connected to higher energies, in truth,
every single difficulty we have on this planet,
every single disease, every problem, is a reflection of
where we have denied

or blocked the flow of energy from Source.  
And even though it shows up as this or that disease in our body,
or this problem or that problem, and things are out of balance,
it is all part of the play that reflects our connection to Source.”
~ Gregory Hoag ~

My theme the last few weeks has been centered on thoughts. It seems every where I turn, I am feeling the connection of how our thoughts influence our lives. Thoughts are the connection of Source through Us. They are the flow that comes from within and can stir up negative or positive emotions.
When we connect with Source from within, we are more balanced and loving. We have less stress, less negative emotions and less unhealthy thoughts that create chaos in our lives. Everything changes. Energy changes and flows abundantly; we are centered and focused. From that point our potential for change happens and energy comes to the surface instead of being covered with negativity, fear, dis-ease and unhappiness.
And this is your choice. You can connect to Source and the positive energy or you can stay in the same situation that you are and have been for years. Your choice is that you can connect to every opportunity that comes your way. You can connect with drama and fear or love and abundance.
Hanging on to the past and the old self filled with dis-ease and painful emotions only brings fear and unhappiness. It’s the same old, same old. Bringing true happiness into your life has to come from within. Clear the path. Re-program your life and start anew. Allow those old beliefs to dissolve and get out of your life for good.
Yes, there will be challenges but in the end you will find out who you really are. It will be easier to go with the flow of life and accept changes while making the right decisions of how to be happy and in alignment with Source and your true self. You will come out shining like the brightest star that you are meant to BE.

Darkness and Light

where there is light there is shadow
some are shadow, some are light
someone must take responsibility for the darkness
until you get seduced by the light you will be stuck in that dark energy
we are addicted and seduced by pain and negativity
every one plays a role, yet everyone is a gift
you don’t have to be in control and limitation
that is our teacher
it balances the life cycle
we are not as separate as we think
show me the aspects of what I am experiencing
show me those shadow thoughts that come from my subconscious
everyone is a part of me
we are all stuck in limitations
we all want to be in control
the gift is to release
to recognize it
send love to yourself
dissipate that energy
do not let it control me
even it feels like lack
i tell myself that i am sorry that it happened
we all chose this at one time or another
we play these roles
they are pushing our buttons
i don’t choose this role anymore
i am now in the higher realm where I want to be
i love everyone
i love myself
it is pure love
i thank you for what you have done in making me realize this
i send you love to dissipate the darkness
when they are ready from the soul level we can all move forward
i cannot be like them
their personality trips us and we are not their personalities
i trust my journey
i appreciate what they have brought to me
it helps us to trust our relationships with others that we have met
i am not getting caught up in the limitations
my ego won’t let you keep up with the light
i don’t want to be like this
it’s what the spirit has sent to us to learn
we are playing a role to help us awaken
we are creating all of this
we don’t have to feel bad for them or us
we are processing this in an honoring and humbling way
we hold the light for ourselves first
we nurture and deserve positive situations
then i hold the light for them
they are the catalyst for us cleaning up things from the past and beliefs
i create the love for them and send light
spirit makes us see things like this to see how big love is
it is expansive and all-encompassing
in reality we can heal from anything
we are going through a big healing
be gentle with ourselves
what we are living is in absolute correlation to our balance of thought
it is our balance of thought and feeling that is effecting what we are receiving

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You

~ Ho’oponopono ~

these loving words and thoughts by CC

Drum Beats of the Spirit and Life

Drumming is the oldest form of music that renews our rhythms and is likened to the heartbeat of a mother when we were in the womb.  In Native American cultures drumming is used as a means to reconnect our physical and spiritual selves and put us in touch with our natural rhythms. It is also a very important part of ceremonies, rituals and celebrations of life cycles.  It puts us in tune with the rhythms of the earth and a deep place within to make us aware of our body, mind and spirit while relieving tensions, stress and aggressive feelings. It restores our energy and vibrations to bring us closer to Mother Earth and powerfully moves us toward a new level of conscious awareness.

“We are a tribe, a cauldron of potential, a seed of possibility. We are women growing, learning, deepening, clearing, opening. We are gathering. We are healing. We are ready to be in service to a new way of living, to sharing our authentic, sassy, bright, quiet, loud, vulnerable, powerful selves.”

~ HeatherAsh Amara ~
Warrior Goddess Sisters

The UN-resolution


The UN-resolution

Now that 2015 is well underway, how are you doing with your “Resolutions”?
Did you know? . . . 24% of people never succeed and fail on their resolution each year.
Are you the 8% of the people that actually keep your New Year’s Intention? Be honest. Sure the fitness centers and gyms are all a-buzz with new converts early in the year but by February 52% have already given up their goals.  However, people who explicitly make a New Year’s Resolution are about 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t ever make a resolution.
I have been there! I don’t do resolutions. I prefer to use a word or phrase to inspire, motivate and create a thoughtful process to keep an emotion or feeling rather than a goal that I don’t think I will ever be able to achieve. And it’s all about how you go about it. If our grandiose goals stand in the way, we will not ever get there. Instead, taking baby steps is the best way to get to where you want to be, just putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward with your ideas and inspirations.

 My phrase for this New Year is Let it GO! Let it FLOW!

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward
in whatever way they like.
~ Lao Tzu ~