Weekly Photo Challenge: The sign says . . . "Really Bad Advise . . . "

The sign says . . . “Really Bad Advise . . . Only $1.00”


Where else but Venice Beach would you find a character like this?  OK, well, maybe New York City.
I couldn’t resist taking this photo and truthfully, this is the one I was searching for the Weekly Challenge that I just posted.
A group of us new-to-California-curious-folks decided to check out Venice Beach one Sunday afternoon.  What a great day of people watching, enjoying the sun and surf, listening to the drumming, watching the graffiti artists and eating all the delightful but absolutely not-good-for-you “boardwalk” food.
Then along came this guy holding his card board sign.  And of course, he wouldn’t let me take a picture without paying him $1.00 for some really bad advise.

Stinking Beauty

Today, I choose peace, quiet and stillness.


The peaceful scene in Spring by the Klawock River in Southeast Alaska on Prince of Wales Island.


Early morning sunlight striking the new Skunk Cabbage leaf growth, untouched by the bears.
They must still be hibernating.


The bright yellow lilies pop their heads out of the ground with a splash of color welcoming Spring.
What a great way to escape the gray and dreary days of Winter.


Close up and personal.


Raindrops on Skunk Cabbage leaves.  Adult leaves have been know to grow five to six feet in length.

More information about Skunk Cabbage can be found here. http://natureinstitute.org/pub/ic/ic4/skunkcabbage.htm

The Power of Intention


Intentions are purposeful statement or wish that one means to carry out, determining mentally upon a specific action with a desired end result, an unbroken commitment, a resolution.  Yet, just having “good” intentions is not enough. Sometimes we need a wake up call to provoke action and get our attention, to make that connection to find balance and happiness in our lives.

An intention is something you really, REALLY want to happen.  It’s a dream that hopefully will come true.  We all have them and while we hope that our dreams come true, life presents many obstacles in our pathway.  Yet, the more you dream, or make purposeful intentions, the more likely it will happen.
Make it clear
The key to any intention is to get really clear on what you want.  Most of us don’t even know what we want.  We think we do, but do we really know?  This can take time to sort out the answers.  You have all the answers inside you.

Write them down.  Say them out loud.  Post them on your walls.  Share them with someone. 

They are there waiting to be discovered.  Everything we create or want to create is exactly as it is intended to be.  So if you think that it won’t happen, it won’t.  If you think positive thoughts, the outcome of them will come to fruition.
Positive self-talk
Did you know that  90% of your subconscious mind acts on the thoughts you are thinking and it recognizes your emotions and feelings to determine what will happen in your life?  If you want positive results, an emotional connection with positive words and feelings will bring positive results.  It’s what you say to yourself that directs your life.  If you continually bring up thoughts of negativity, like, “I am just running on an endless treadmill, I am miserable and unhappy”, those are the results you will continue get.  If you aren’t getting the results you want, then change the way you talk to yourself. Your chances of success will soar.
Living life on purpose
From intention, we tangent to purpose.  When you live your life on purpose, with your intentions of service to others, making this planet a better place to live, or doing what you love that supports others for the highest good, the Universe comes back at you in unbelievable ways.
Your life is a container that holds powerful and unimaginable events and circumstances, called vibrational frequencies, that are waiting for you when you change your self-talk egoic needs to “I am here for you”.  Wanting and needing keeps you small.  When you give more, you get more.  It’s just that simple.
Give up your old beliefs
Let’s face it …. we humans don’t come with an instruction manual.  So we have to figure out what tools and information we need to live the life we want to create for ourselves.  Your subconscious may have layers and layers of things like fear (that’s a big one) and pain from previous events in your life.  When your subconscious tells you that you will never succeed, then that’s exactly what will happen.  When you tell yourself that you will never get above the poverty level, then that’s where you will stay. As long as you have limiting beliefs and thought patterns, the same things are going to keep happening to you.  Ask yourself …. “What am I afraid of?”  “What are my limiting beliefs?”
BUT, when you are clear in your intentions and beliefs, your old thoughts become your new beliefs, which in turn become new actions and new habits. You form a new character and your life changes for the better.
So, what is causing doubt in your brain?  What are the feelings that you feel in your body right now? What are your fears? Writing them down helps to sort things out in your mind.
Become aware of the things that are standing in your way of your dreams.  Don’t beat yourself up with the past.  Confront your fears, feel brave and empowered.  Leave the victim you once were behind you.  And, never look back.
When you become aware, really aware, those old beliefs that once held you back, dissolve and you shine with joy, love and creativity.  You then become the beautiful and magnificent creature you intend to be.  You become the creator of your life, not the victim of your past.
Hang in there.
If you are like me, you want things to happen NOW.  But that’s not the way it is, mostly.  There will be challenges that get in our way.  You may feel that your dreams are sealed in a box and can’t get out.  But stick with it.  Be patient.  Stay present.  Never, never give up.  One day you will wake up and the box will be open, shining a ray of light and hope beyond your wildest imagination.
Intention = Attention = Connection = Balance = Happiness
When you are consciously aware, trusting the Universe that where you are is where you are supposed to be, not judging or comparing your progress to others, life happens the way you planned.  Of course, there will be ups and downs, but nothing you can’t handle.  Live every moment in gratitude for what you have right now.  Live in the present moment.  The more you do this, the more positive things will come your way.  Positive expression of your intentions will unfold and beautiful and wonderful things will shine on you.
There is more abundance, success and happiness inside of you than you know.  I challenge you to find it.
About the photo: Taken in Klawock, Alaska on Prince of Wales Island at low tide, this was a favorite place to view any time of the day, especially at sunset.

Be .. Do .. Have

“Today, I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream.”
~ Deepak Chopra ~

I am into the fifth day of Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge on Abundance.  And so far it has been amazing.  In today’s meditation, he brings us to the realization that you are who you are by the company you keep.  Interesting.
I was talking to a friend yesterday about what was going on in her life and it seems that she is constantly bombarded by negative people, in-their-heads people who are bringing her down.  I was there, at a point in my life.  I realized that I had to walk away from those relationships.  I know that I have the ability to change, to realize the negativity and the need to be with like-minded people.  Yet, it is hard to walk away from relationships that one has tried to cultivate over the years.  Sometimes we have to leave them standing in our dust.  Divorce the relationship.  Move on.  Become who you intended to be all along.  Release the negativity!  Isn’t it far better to release the negativity and sing an inspirational song of a life than to get caught up in their drama, whining and self-pity?  To me, that’s like watching a soap opera every day and getting wrapped up in the drama of the actors.  Their story becomes real to us.  We associate with them.  We commiserate with them and allow them to take over our thoughts.  Don’t I have enough going on in my life that I have to allow some fictitious characters to control my thoughts?
I walked away from several “possessed” relationships.  It was time for me to develop new and positive ways of living a happy and positive life.  It is said that what we focus on expands.  It’s true!
Expect and accept a splendid existence.  Awaken to the unlimited possibilities of life.  Awaken and live!
About this photograph:  Taken in Klawock, Alaska early one morning as the sun was coming up.  I found it to be a beautiful place to dream.  I always felt this photo would layer an inspirational thought, and I think I found it.  Dream on!
While you are here …. stop over at my Tree of Life.
Live like a tree.  Take root and reach for the sky!

Following your passion . . .

Meet my friend, John Demmert, a very talented Tlingit/Haida Native carver.  I’ve known John for many years and he has stayed true to what he loves to do …. carving.
He has an amazing talent for carving. His defining style of intensely detailed carvings carries on his Native traditions of the Tlingit and Haida tribes. No two pieces are alike. His works are  inspiring, therapeutic and healing, and they are for sale by contacting him at http://johndemmert.com.
Check out his creations on Facebook (and give him some “like” love).

Waiting …

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

~ Carl Sagan ~

I had the opportunity to visit Union Station in LA during a photo tour and couldn’t resist this photo.
A picture is worth a thousand words.  Yes, every picture tells a story.  Priceless!!
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo?
I’d love to hear your comments.
Happy 10 – 11 – 12

SMART Dreams

How often do we set ourselves up for failure?  Our dreams and goals matter to us but we set ourselves up for failure because we don’t know exactly what we want.  Maybe we believe we really can’t do it.  Or we don’t see ourselves having attained that goal. Or we are used to walking away from opportunities because that’s what we do.
Somewhere I read about the acronym SMART when referring to your dreams and goals.

Specific – Know exactly what you want.  Define your goals by writing them down and feeling what it would be like when you achieve your goal.  A specific goal is much more attainable that a general one.
Measurable – Mark your progress as you go along.  This helps you stay on track. Establish a time frame that allows you to reach your goals reasonably.  Journal your progress and reward yourself when you reach that goal.
Attainable – Identify with goals that are within your reach. Take baby steps with short term and long term goals. See yourself as worthy of your goals as you grow towards them.
Realistic – Think about how real your goals are.  You are the only one who can decide just how high your goals should be.  Stretch yourself.  Grow.
Timely – Establish your goal into a time frame.  If you don’t set up a time frame, there is no urgency and your goals will stay on the back burner of “some day”. “T” can also stand for tangible giving you a better chance of making it “specific”, “measurable” and then “attainable.”
Get SMART!!!  Don’t give up on your dreams.  You can do it!
About the Photo:  This photo was taken somewhere in California, can’t remember where.  Here are some things I didn’t know about the Lupine flower.
1.  They are edible, containing essential amino acids. Their yellow legume seeds, also called lupin beans, were a popular food among the Romans.  They were responsible for spreading the plant’s cultivation throughout the Roman Empire.  Some varieties can cause toxicity in live stock.   If you have a peaunt allergy, avoid eating lupins.
2.  Lupins are excellent companion plants for crops  like cucumbers, squash, broccoli, and spinach.  These crops need significant amounts of nitrogen in their soil.
3.  They are popular, attractive ornamental plants in gardens and by many, they are considered weeds because of their invasive nature.  How can anything this beautiful be considered a weed?
4.  For several types of butterflies and moths, lupins are important for their larva.

Dare to Soar!

Dare to soar!  Attitude depends on your altitude.
Acting on your dreams requires courage.
Leave behind all those fears that hold you back.


Dreams . . .

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Great things start with a dream, a burning desire, and knowing what one wants.  Walt Disney certainly knew the power of his dreams.  The real test is turning them into a reality, an accomplishment few people achieve.
“Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.”
Napoleon Hill

Put your Dreams into action!
About the photo:
Taken in Southeast Alaska on Prince of Wales Island.  The beach grasses blowing in the wind caught my eye as a silhouette against the sky’s backdrop.  (“This would make a great painting” she notes to self.)
If you are going to dream, this is the place to do it.