Change Changes Change

Change is the only constant in life.

Here’s what David Simon said change,  “… the sole, stead-fast friend we can trust.  Move to the new, exciting experiences with ease and grace.  When I look back, I will see the lesson was to propel me further along my journey to enlightenment.”
Change is very important to our happiness and well-being.  But change can also send us in a tizzy of discontent when we resist it.
Many times I view change as a challenge instead of an opportunity.  Take moving, for instance.  I really dislike moving.  It means change in a big way, mostly for me in not knowing where things are.  I am an organized person.  Ask me where something is and I can go straight to it, even if my desk is a mess, I know exactly where it is, be it under the pile of papers or amid other stuff.  When I move from one location to another, everything gets out of order.  It sends shock waves of uncomfortable feelings in the pit of my stomach.
I like things in order. I guess you might say that I like change on my own terms.  I want to be the one to make my decisions when it comes to changing things in my life, rather than when it comes from someone else.  Sometimes the inevitable of accepting it comes hard.
Yet, when I look back on the stresses that change has caused, I realize that it really wasn’t that bad after all.  My focus now must be to embrace change to move me forward on my journey, to start another chapter in my life.  It just takes time to reorganize, hopefully more efficiently and learn from the experience.
I know the more I love and embrace change, the more my life unfolds easily and effortlessly. When I make an effort to breath consciously and live in the now, things really do unfold with ease and less effort. It makes that feeling in my stomach subside too.
Don’t view change as a challenge,  instead view it as an opportunity.  Learn to love change.
Change changes change!
About the photo:  These brilliantly colored trees, untouched by PhotoShop, were photographed in Washington State in mid-October a few years ago.  It doesn’t get more beautiful than this, does it?
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