Does this bring me JOY?

What is getting in your way of a JOYful Journey?

We all have things in our lives that get in the way.
It could be negative friends, a failing relationship or an unhappy job situation.
All of these things are types of clutter that gets in our way.
Is clutter an obstacle on your path?
Today, I’d like to focus on the clutter that is around you in your house. This is a very therapeutic place to start …. deCluttering what is directly in contact with your life, at this very moment. It’s a great way to cleanse your house and mind and get on the path to eliminating the baggage that holds you back from being your true self and having the life you want.
By deCluttering the things around you, you start to feel better about yourself, which in turn can help you eliminate the other areas of clutter in your life.
Take Inventory!
Is your closet stuffed full of clothes you never wear?
Is there no room in your garage for your car?
Is your house in a tizzy?
Do you spend an endless amount of time looking for things?
Do you wish that you were more organized?
What is going on in your world?
Are you living in a world of clutter and disorganization?
I have too much stuff
You are busy with your life, your career, your hobbies, your family. We downsize our dreams of how our life might be. Can you relate to this? Sometimes it doesn’t so feel good.
I invite you to look around you in this moment.
Is your desk covered with papers and junk?
Are things spilling around you and on to the floor?
Is there a mess in the kitchen sink from last night’s dinner?
Are your clothes scattered all over your bedroom?
“But . . . I don’t know where to start.”

As you look around you, I want to invite you let’s have a conversation to help support you in making your life more in alignment with your vision and who you really want and desire to be ….. to be clutter free ….. to know where things are …… to save time in knowing where everything is and create more time in your life to do the things you really want to do.
A place for everything! A thing for every place!
After many years of being disorganized myself, I have learned some valuable tools to help you reclaim, find and build your life back again to live without the clutter and disorganization. So many of us are striving for this but we don’t know where to start.
I encourage you to take a few moments and feel the space around you. How would you envision your space to look? How would having less clutter help you see your life and the world? How would this renewal of space help you in your daily life?
How can deCluttering help me get organized in other areas of my life? 

Listen to your thoughts. 
I invite you to claim your space and your surroundings for YOU. Take responsibility, listen to your heart and step into a new way of thinking as you clear the clutter from your life.
Ask yourself …… “Does this bring me JOY?”
I have a FREE offer for you …… Let’s arrange a time for us to talk about deCluttering your life and your space. Click this link to schedule.  Sometimes, all we need is a guiding hand for support.
You know . . .  you can do this! 

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

Thoughts for the Day . . .

“I may not be able to change
the circumstances of my life
but I can change the conversation.” 

It’s not how you react, but how you interrupt it. 

Today . . .

I shape my perception of things. 

I choose how to respond.


Re-write Your Beliefs


“You can have anything you want
if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”
~ Robert Anthony ~

What are your core beliefs?
What we believe about ourselves, others, our family, even our politics, colors our world. What we believe can allow us to see everything clearly or perhaps see nothing at all. What we believe can advance us ahead in your life or hold us back and stagnate us.
How self-aware are you? Are you one who says, “I’ll believe it when I see it”?
Just how dynamic are your beliefs? How dynamic your beliefs are says a lot about your level of self-esteem.
Are you continually doubtful that you can achieve what you want? Self-awareness and self-esteem is the key. When we believe in our own self-worth your life will change to be more dynamic.
Thoughts can only be dynamic when you open your awareness of your beliefs that are positive and meaningful, instead of degrading and doubtful.  Once you have purpose and meaning in your thoughts, your self-esteem and self-awareness will grow and expand. This is the foundation and the key to life’s meaning for you and no one can take that from you.
What are some of your core beliefs?
My outer life reflects my inner life!
I am open to the infinite possibilities that life has to offer me!
When I face a challenge, I know there is a solution!
Because I am self-aware, I know I have the power to transform into a beautiful, self-aware being!

One of Wayne Dyer’s comments was,  “You never regret what you do in life. You only regret what you don’t do.”

“If you want to find a deeper meaning in your life,
you can’t find it in the opinions and beliefs that have been handed to you.
You have to go to that deeper place within yourself.”
~ Wayne Dyer ~


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“Live like a tree. Take root and reach for the sky!”