“Take time from doing to enjoy being.”
I found that quote recently while I was browsing in a thrift store.  It was on this pretty little blue tin, sitting there on the shelf, kind of by itself, waiting to be noticed.  I picked it up and read the quote.  Interesting, I thought.  I put it down and walked further down the aisle, still thinking about it as I looked at other things.
The quote kept repeating itself in my head as I walked around looking at other things.  I wasn’t sure I had it right.  So, I returned back to its place on the shelf to write it down.  It was worth remembering.  (Now, in hind-sight, I wish I had bought it.  But least I had written it down.)
“Take time from doing to enjoy being.”  I read it over and over, realizing we are always busy doing something.  Doing our job, doing the laundry, doing something, doing, doing, doing.
But how do I enjoy being?  Do I take time from doing to being?  Most of the time ….. no.  Then what is being?  I asked myself.  It’s finding true happiness in simple, seemingly unremarkable things.  It’s being aware of the quiet, the space in between the sounds and words, being surrounded by nature, listening to my breathing, hearing a fountain quietly babbling, noticing a beautiful flower’s patterns, mediating.
Being is accepting that I didn’t buy the little blue tin with the quote on it, but more importantly, being aware of the message that little blue tin brought me, that I found the time from doing to enjoy being. Thank you little blue tin for being.