Making Meditation Simple

Osho explains “Make meditation simple, make it associated with things which normal human beings aspire for. Don’t unnecessarily make it complicated, religious, theological, philosophical – let it be purely a scientific technique.”
“Meditation is nothing but the simple art of slipping out of the mind.  It looks difficult in the beginning because we have forgotten it. For centuries we have not been in contact with the art, but once you learn the knack of it, it is very simple.”

Tree of Life Pendants

It's the Little Things That Count


Sometimes we need to step back and enjoy the little things in Life.


Often times we take for granted things that we have seen before because we know something about them, like their name, color or description.


Instead, take in the view as if it were the first time you have seen this object.
Don’t have any description for it but view it
as if it were the first time you’ve seen it.


View life with curiosity, as if looking through the eyes of a child.

What can you see right now that you can observe
without any judgement or description to your mind?

Enjoy the little things in Life!


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