Still Waters Run Deep


Still Waters Run Deep!

On the ocean surface we see and feel waves, movement and magical rhythms, ebbing to and fro. Just under layer are currents of motion, where you see schools of life.  These are places where you can see and feel the movement and rhythms. But when you go deeper into the profound stillness of the depths of the sea, that’s where there is pure silence and where a deep peace abounds.
Just as with our thoughts, when we go deeper, into the depths of our being, we profoundly become one with ourselves. It’s where our deepest gratitude and appreciation of beauty and space lie. This is the place where we are authentic. This is our meditative state.

“Still waters run deep”

About the photo:  Inside Passage Channel in Southeast Alaska in the early morning hours.

Sea of Thoughts


Like the ebb and flow of the sea

My thoughts come back to me.

I observe them, I will not fear them.

I am fearless of their powers,

I have no attachment to them.

Let the tide come and go,

I thank them for stopping by.

As they float back out to the Sea of Thoughts.


Do You Feel It?


 “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.
We must learn to see the world anew.”

~  Albert Einstein ~ 

When we look at the world through the eyes that have been viewing the same situations of our past we keep ourselves stuck in the same place. When we use the same logic and conclusions in our minds that have not served us in the past, we block ourselves from enjoying the richness and fullness that life has in store for us.
It’s these thoughts that continue to bubble up inside our heads and keep us stuck. It’s these thoughts that we are not good enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not lovable or even attractive enough. You fill in the blanks.
When we stay in this power we cannot create abundance for ourselves because we identify ourselves as being in the position of a victim.
If we are facing a situation of fear or anger and we stay in the same mind-set, there is little chance that we will be able to reach a state of peace and understanding when we are telling ourselves how angry or fearful we are inside. It’s all about “self-talk” and what we talk about in our heads that keep us in a state of drama and restlessness.
BUT when we change our thoughts, shift our power, and step outside our limitations, that’s when we see the bigger picture. When we open our minds to the possibilities of what could be and what we deserve, these emotions fall away to positive and expanding possibilities. When we connect ourselves to our inner wisdom, see and feel the underlying causes of our drama and emotions, step away and view them from another perspective, then we see the world in a different way of peace and love. As Einstein says, when we raise our consciousness and allow ourselves to shift into our power and embrace ourselves with love and affection, we see the world in a different way.

So how do we do that? 

1.  Breathe. Stop what you are doing and feel your breath. Breathe in and out. If your mind starts jumping around with thoughts, stay with it. Just keep focusing on your breath.
2.  Accept what is. Feel your emotions fully. If it is anger, step outside your mind for a moment and feel what is going on. You can even give it a shape or color or sound to help you feel it. That will help it to dissipate.
3.  Focus on what is going on outside. If it doesn’t help to feel what is going on inside, focus on the outside. What do you feel? Are you sweating? Does your stomach feel like it’s in knots? Distract your mind with something that makes you feel good, like taking a walk in Nature, noticing the trees, flowers, or birds. Listen to music. Crank it up. Feel the beat. Do something that you haven’t done for yourself in a while, like play on the swings at the local play ground, talk to a stranger and compliment them in some way. Buy yourself a little something special.
4.  This too shall pass. If you are still scared, or angry or fearful, tell yourself that this will not last forever, even though it feels like it will. It won’t. It’s all part of life’s dance and something sent to use as a learning tool. Inside you are still a worthy and lovable person. You are worthy of respect and yes, shit happens to all of us.
5.  Don’t try to solve the problem. When you feel overwhelmed, it’s natural to want to alleviate the situation so you feel better. However, it’s probably not going to go away immediately, so sleep on it or talk to someone to get their perspective. Allow yourself to get more centered before trying to fix the problem.
6.  Look at the world from a different perspective. Change your state.  Treat yourself with love and care that you deserve. Mentally, challenge yourself to look at the world with another perspective. Do you feel the difference?

Distracting Thoughts

What negative thoughts distract you? Thinking of what others have done? Or what they havee not done? Telling yourself stories in your head? Focusing on the past? Or the future?
Are you aware of these negative thoughts? They are a distraction. When we focus on negative thoughts we block the way for being in the present moment and experiencing true happiness, joy, love and conscious living.
But …. being aware of what is really happening every day, every moment, is difficult. It takes work. It takes choice. And only you can make that decision.
How many times have you had worries or made up a story in your mind that was absolutely untrue? These stories come from our former beliefs, those thoughts we grew up with, and the judgments that we carry with us throughout our lives. We have trained ourselves to judge and criticize others and ourselves, not to have self-empathy and self-compassion, telling ourselves that we don’t deserve what we have. It comes from the opinions that we have held for years and years. It could be about ourselves or someone else. In the end, it just makes us sad and depressed, worried and unhappy. Somehow it just seems easier to keep those self-criticisms and live with them day after day rather than letting them go.
As youngsters we learned to pay attention to what we were thinking. Can’t you hear your Mom telling you to pay attention right now? We have become so used to paying attention that we forget about what is really going on around us in the present moment. Or one person tells us that we can’t do something right and we believe it and carry it with us for the rest of our life. As we grow older, we hold on to all those negative sayings and thoughts and tell them to ourselves every day. It’s the same ole, same ole day in and day out. We are living in our heads instead of our hearts.
It took years to build these thoughts and feelings of the Ego so it can be difficult to let go of them.  The Egoic Mind, as Eckhart Tolle says, is a reflection of our childhood beliefs that we grew up with and we have been relying on them and telling ourselves stories stemming from these thoughts for years and years.

It’s time for change.

It’s time to make the choice to get our of our heads and into our Inner Being. Let go of the worry, the stories, the fears and just be.

So how do you do this? I could tell you what I am experiencing as I sit here typing this into my blog. But you wouldn’t feel it. Only I can feel it. You have to experience being aware for yourself. No one can do it for you.
First, be aware of what is happening in this very moment. What are you thinking right now? Is it positive or negative? Feel where you body is right now. If you are sitting in front of the computer, feel your body in the chair, feet on the floor, feel your back against the chair. Really stop to feel these sensations. Is the air around you warm or cool? Is your body warm or cool, or just right? What do you smell? What do you see in front of you? What do you hear inside or outside? Now do you hear the birds singing? So many times we are unaware of their beautiful symphonies until we stop and listen.
By becoming aware we allow our senses to feel the juiciness of our being. Give yourself love and compassion because you do deserve it. Tell this to yourself every day, several times a day. When you walk past a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say, “I love you!” And really mean it.
Add awareness to your thoughts this coming week. When you add awareness to your behavior, feelings or thoughts you tune into your Inner World. So instead of beating yourself up with negative thoughts and untrue stories, be gentle with yourself. Lighten up and stay aware. Observe your thoughts more closely. Check in with yourself often to make sure you are being aware. Step back from any dramatic situation and wake up to awareness. This takes work but you will gain insight and those thoughts and feelings will gradually be replaced by positive thoughts, awareness and insight.
Try that exercise during this coming week. Notice what happens.
This is my 200th post.
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You are appreciated.