Get Up and Dance


Dance is the hidden language of the Soul.
~ Martha Graham ~

Our bodies were made to flow and move to deepen our connection to earth and ourselves.

Do you remember dancing as a little child? Or do you smile when you see a child being herself when she hears music and starts to move and dance? As children, we used to dance freely and openly, not caring if anyone was watching. We were totally vulnerable and un-self-conscious.

However, by the time we reach adulthood, or probably even in our early teens, we stopped dancing altogether. We are too afraid that we are going to be judged or criticized for being ourselves or being a show-off, or making a fool of ourselves. Then again, we may just have stopped dancing because we were too busy doing other things that we though were more important.

Whatever the excuse, there is no time like right now to stop what we are doing and start the healing process of dancing and moving our bodies to music, alone or in a group. There are opportunities all around.

This past Saturday Night I went Ecstatic Dancing with a few friends. It was a beautiful experience. The music was upbeat and loud and just listening to it made you feel like moving. It was a place where everyone respected each other and the space around them.  No partners. No pressure. Just being yourself and moving your body to the beat of the music. It was happiness, joyful, blissful and mystic. Interestingly, this type of dancing is springing up everywhere.

Ecstatic Dance is what you make of it . . . 

It’s free form movement in a space
Expanding our mind, body and spirit
Activating the chakras
Letting go of boundaries
Creating moves you wouldn’t have thought of
Flowing beauty
Reinventing rituals
Being in community with friends

Put aside any notion that you might feel too self-conscious because really, no one cares. Stop the chatter in your head that you might make a fool of yourself. It doesn’t matter what you look like. Express yourself and feel the music flowing through you. Feel how good it feels to move your body. Feel the vibrations of the beat in your soul as it heals your body. Treat it is like a meditation for yourself in which you allow yourself to be fully present and uninhibited.

If you don’t want to do this in public, find some music online and just be yourself in the confines of your home. Allow your body to move to the music and check in to see how good it feels to stretch and move and respond to the sounds. Just feel the music without thinking of how you look because no one is watching.

How many of us sit at a computer for long periods during the day? Studies show that we should be getting up and stretching every 15 minutes. Why not use this as an opportunity to get up and dance. Put on some lively music and move. What better way to treat your body with love and movement?

Every culture since the beginning of time has had some form of dance to celebrate life. You were born to move and flow to music. All you have to do is start moving your body. You might even take a dance class to give yourself the boost of confidence that you need to get started.

Discover the joy of healing through dance.

If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet,
you’d best teach it to dance.
~ George Bernard Shaw ~



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