Laughter Meditation



We usually don’t think of laughter as a type of meditation but it is definitely a powerful one when you try it. It involves our entire body, our emotions and our soul. Laughing actually puts you into the present moment and helps to relieve stress. It can also open our eyes to the less serious side of life and helps us notice how absurd our lives really are sometimes.

For starters, stretch your entire body, arms, legs, neck, face. Yes, even make silly faces. Then start to laugh. You can think about something funny, perhaps a photograph (like my four-legged friend, Girlie), a joke, a scene from a movie or a situation when you laughed so hard you thought your belly would burst or your eyes started to tear. Let the laughter ripple from your head to your toes. You can even roll on the floor if you like, but just keep laughing.

Once you have had enough, sit quietly for a few moments. Check in with how your body feels. Do you feel a release?  Think about this exercise during the day and smile to yourself. Make yourself aware that this practice can lighten the stress of your daily routine and bring you more joy.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
~ Charlie Chaplin ~




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