Awaken to Amazement



Those who are Awake live in a state of constant amazement.
~ Buddha ~

I am always in amazement of the mighty, towering Sycamore trees. Their majestic and ghostly white trunk and limbs stand out against the background of the evergreen trees, scenic backdrops and the stunning sunsets we experience here in Arizona.
They are known to reach heights of 100 feet where they grace our canyons, streams and rivers with their beauty.


A closer look at their bark reveals patterns that resemble a paint-by-numbers project we did when we were kids.


We don’t get the brilliant red leaves during this time of year like on the East Coast, but the Sycamores are one of the more brilliant colors we get to experience.

You can never have enough of Nature.
~ Henry David Thoreau ~


And speaking of trees …. stop over at the Tree of Life.


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