A New Intention


Plant the seeds of your dreams today, tend to your garden daily, and watch your life blossom this year!

~  Deepak Chopra ~

Setting intentions for the year can be challenging because we humans tend not to stick with the traditional ideas of them.  It’s a stretch to imagine in how we think things should play out in our lives. We become attached to the outcome and then are disappointed in ourselves when things don’t work out as we planned them.

However, when we plant a seed, idea or intention, then stand back and listen to our inner most stillness and desires, our intentions come to life in a way that we could sometimes never imagine. When we balance our focused energy with expanded affirmations, we will see life unfold and blessings surround us with abundance.

So, what are your dreams and desires? Write them down and visualize them as tiny seeds that you plant.

Then let go of all expectations. When things don’t go the way you expected, there is a reason. Look for much greater rewards.

Stay in the present moment of awareness through meditation and mindful living. Accept the present moment exactly as it is. Make room for your deepest intentions and watch them sprout from the heart and grow into beautiful plants of life.


2 responses to “A New Intention

  1. Pursue every freedom I have, for who knows what tomorrow may bring ~ and only through pursuing the pure-freedom of what I dream can I at least begin to understand the possibilities.

    Wishing you a great 2017 (and a great springtime ahead!).


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