Feeling Alive!


Conscious breathing is a way of releasing fears and anxieties in our daily lives. It brings us into the present moment, centering us and clearing our heads from all the negative self-talk. Using breath as a tool to transform us into another state for the body, mind and spirit allows us to let go of all that does not serve us in that moment.

By inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply, we allow ourselves to relax and be calm.  Each breath brings us into a deeper stillness.

Take a moment to breath deeply and consciously. Feel its’ cleansing power and let go of any controlling thoughts, gently feeling how the body feels after several deep breaths. Begin a practice of doing this several times a day, perhaps by setting an alarm as a reminder during more stressful times of the day. Every time you stop at a traffic light or waiting in line, consider that the time to practice conscious breathing. Get out into Nature several times a day, being aware and grateful of all that surrounds you. Give yourself permission to do this.


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