Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


When everything in our lives is flowing with ease and joy, it’s easy to feel we are living in harmony. But when the complicated layers and gaps come into our lives, we tend to get caught up in our thoughts. We begin to self talk ourselves right into a reactive mode.

That’s when it is time to settle our thoughts and detach from them.


There is no such thing as a success or a failure in our lives, only the present moment which, if we are aware, is filled with endless possibilities.

Every day gives us a chance to start over. However, we need to be still for a few moments, breath and find what gifts are here for us to enjoy, savor and experience. These are the gifts of grace and abundance.

Find the gift and connect to the truth.

Clear the space and tap into your resilience and true potential.

What is the universe unveiling for you?




About the photos:  Obviously Sedona.  Breathtaking and beautiful everywhere the eye looks. 

And while you are here, stop over at Tree of Life 4 You and check out the Pendants.
Adorn your body!  Calm your mind!  Energize your spirit!


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