Finding your Brilliance


Each of us is a radiant being filled with love, passion, creativity and bliss.

How open are you to the this awareness? Many of us squint and turn away from the brightness of light.  But once you realize that your eyes can adjust, you can bathe in the radiance.

Take a deep breath and let go of all the tensions that you are holding in your body.

Three things to reconnect to your true self:

1.  Breath deeply and let it go.

2.  Do something else like take a walk or be around nature.

3.  Make positive affirmations to yourself like:
I am a radiant being and I feel good about myself.
I choose to reveal the highest and best in me.
I am a strong person and my brilliance shines through me.
I adjust my “crap detector” daily!!

About the photo:  This was the sunset last night that entertained us for about an hour with its changing patterns of clouds and light.  Amazing!


3 responses to “Finding your Brilliance

      • All is well here, thank you! Crazy busy summer (but wonderful)… looking forward to a cosy, cuddly, cake-filled autumn 😉 Hope life’s grand for you xx


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