Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


Saturated!  With color.  With paint.  With creativity.

This masterpiece was an ever evolving painting at an Interactive Art Exhibit at the BIL Converence 2012.  It gave all of us grownups a chance to be a child again.  I returned the next day and found it had changed entirely as each artist that came alone added their own touch of color, style and creativity to the painting.
As Picasso states …. grown ups need to reflect back to childhood more often in order to feel, see and experience our creativity.  When’s the last time you acted like a child?   If you don’t feel like a child, hang out with one and see how they make you feel.

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

From Lines to Patterns . . . they are everywhere: in our art, in nature, in us and around us.  But do we notice?

Take time today to notice lines and patterns around you.  Become aware of your surroundings and appreciate them and who you are.
I love seeing art like this, usually not knowing who the artist is, yet, I am attracted to it and usually take a close up photo.  Here’s just a few in my collection of lines to patterns:
And while you are here, stop over at my Tree of Life site and check out more lines and patterns. 

Take your pick ….


People inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely!

~ Hans F. Hansen ~

It is your choice.

There are no mistakes …. there are only lessons. Life repeats those lessons for us until we learn them and sometimes it takes on various forms.  Sometimes it takes a lot of time for it to sink into our being and we finally learn from those lessons.

Those we associate with are only mirrors of ourselves.   There is something that person has that has attracted you to them, be it something you love about yourself, or something you hate about yourself.  Ultimately, the choice is up to you what you do with them.  You have everything you need to make that decision.  All the answers lie within you, just look, listen and trust your own best judgement.

 Make the happy choice because you are in the driver’s seat.

Once you make your mind up to be happy, everything will change.  Let go of all the emotional baggage.  Give yourself permission to be happy.

While you aren’t always happy all the time, and that’s OK, accept the times when you aren’t.  Focus on how your body feels when you are aren’t happy.  Perhaps letting go of limiting beliefs and stress, along with emotional baggage might help you get more present and be aware of those feelings.  It’s your decision, your choice.

If you choose to look on the bright side of life, your life will brighten.  What you focus on will manifest and the outcome will be far more positive.  And don’t forget to smile.  Release the true optimist within you! That alone will draw those positive and inspiring people into your life that you want to associate with.

Discovering Mindfulness in Listening


“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

~ Thich Nhat Hunh ~
When we set our intention to be aware and mindful, it enables us to listen to what others have to say. 
How many times do you find yourself talking to someone and the thoughts in your head are about what you want to contribute to the conversation or about something entirely different?  How well do you really listen to what someone is saying to you?
Today, make your intention to listen and be mindful.  
Realize the gifts in listening. 
And don’t forget to breath before you speak. 
About the photos: On a recent visit to the desert, we saw these fields of yellow flowers in every direction.  It almost felt like spring time.
We had to stop and look at these beauties more closely.  We discovered that they looked like miniature sunflowers.  Don’t they just make you smile and beckon you to come and play?

Finding your Brilliance

Each of us is a radiant being filled with love, passion, creativity and bliss.
How open are you to the this awareness? Many of us squint and turn away from the brightness of light.  But once you realize that your eyes can adjust, you can bathe in the radiance.
Take a deep breath and let go of all the tensions that you are holding in your body.
Three things to reconnect to your true self:
1.  Breath deeply and let it go.
2.  Do something else like take a walk or be around nature.
3.  Make positive affirmations to yourself like:
I am a radiant being and I feel good about myself.
I choose to reveal the highest and best in me.
I am a strong person and my brilliance shines through me.
I adjust my “crap detector” daily!!
About the photo:  This was the sunset last night that entertained us for about an hour with its changing patterns of clouds and light.  Amazing!