Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

When it comes to our companions, I found it difficult to settle with just one photo.

Best Buddies.


A common sight in our house.


Lottsa spots just waiting for Mom to finish photographing them.


I wonder what he is whispering to his buddy at the dog park?

The Best Part About Owning A Dog: 

He always is happy to see me and makes me feel important.
He’s always ready to give me kisses.
He looks into my eyes and is content just being near me.
He always brings his ball back, soggy and wet, and ready to fetch it again.
He turns around three times and always plants his butt near my face.
He starts out in a circle and ends up stretched across the bed, hogging space and all the covers.
He sheds endlessly and my clothes reflect my trademark of dog hair everywhere I go.
He knows when I am sad and comes to comfort me.
He loves me unconditionally.
No wonder it is said that pet owners are healthier and live longer, thanks to our four-legged companions.  I am thankful for all the pets that I have had in my life. 
Weekly Photo Challenge – Companionable