Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


Make art …. not war!

Sitting outside a local coffee shop, enjoying the beautiful spring weather, and totally engaged in conversation with a good friend, I noticed this saying on a car parked near of us .  As I am never without my camera, I took a picture.  How appropriate for the theme of this weekly challenge of “change”.   Speaking of change ….. about two minutes after I took the photo, I looked up and the car was gone.
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Finding Lessons in Strange Places


If we learn to open our hearts,

anyone, including the people who drive us crazy,

can be our teacher.”

   ~ Pema Chodron ~
Sometimes, the lessons of patience, love and understanding can be found in the strangest of places.  Yes, even in those people that push our buttons.  We all have encountered them along our journey.  When we allow our thoughts, emotions and others to control our lives, we invite stress and negativity into our lives.
Let it go . . .
Let it go . . .
Let it go . . .