The Most Important GIft


The most important give you can give is your presence.
~ Marie Forleo ~

And guess what?  It doesn’t cost you a thing.  All it is is your full attention, your heartfelt love and understanding for those around you.

Today’s world is 24/7/365 madness of connection to electronics.  Our lives have gotten so hectic and busy and all we do is check our phones, emails and social media.  How many times a day do you check your phone to see if there’s a message?

We are uncomfortable with silence.

Are we losing our ability to give our full attention to anything that is silent?  Do our minds race with other thoughts when we should be giving our undivided attention to those we love and associate with?

Life is precious!  Life is short!

The best present you can ever give is your full attention.

Let’s take our focus off material things, phones, emails, TV, whatever.

Give everyone you meet, today and every day, the gift of being fully present.

That’s my word for the coming year …. PRESENT.  How about you?

However you are celebrating today, BE PRESENT.

About the photo:  My Zen Garden Fountain


2 responses to “The Most Important GIft

  1. In a world full of distractions, this is indeed a priceless gift we can give to others for 2013, “The best present you can ever give is your full attention.” I will remind myself of that everyday. There are times I am guilty of not being attentive and not because I get hyperactive at times. Can’t blame caffeine anymore. Happy New Year.


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