My WORD for 2013 . . . And the winner is . . . PRESENT

Thank you to everyone for sharing your WORD for the coming year.  Instead of making the traditional, empty, soon-to-be-broken resolutions, I have been choosing a WORD for the year.  It seems a lot easier than making a commitment to something that may or may not be carried out.

Among the top New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight, quit smoking, exercise, getting organized, spend less, save more and falling in love. About 45% Americans make resolutions BUT an astounding 8% actually achieve them.

Last year my word was SHIFT.  I don’t know what there was about that word but I kept hearing it all year long.  And that is exactly what happened in for me ….. my life shifted in a positive and abundant way, for which I am grateful.

And the winner is . . .  PRESENT sent by Audrey. 

PRESENCE is a noun …. not a verb.  It’s a state of BEING, not doing. In our society, a state of “being” isn’t ranked high.  Our culture places a high priority on “doing”.  BEING is an intimate connection with one’s self and others that strives for connectivity, a silent power, focus and an embodiment of spirit.

The reason I chose this WORD was because, in my humble opinion, in order for us to have any of the other WORDS like solitude, hope, abundance, connection, celebration, passion or happiness, we need to be PRESENT.  Being present helps us restore and maintain personal balance and alignment in our lives.  It helps us stay strong and keeps our negative “crap” detector in check.  All those other resolutions that we may make for the coming new year, well, being present helps us to achieve them.

So how we achieve PRESENCE?

First …. Ground yourself.  Get out of your head and into your body.  To cultivate awareness, we must feel relaxed from head to toe.  I know, sometimes that’s not easy.

Secondly, breathe.  Breathe deeply, fully and consciously.  This helps relax the stresses we are dealing with and allows our energy to flow through the body. Just ten minutes of deep breathing will help gain presence.

Thirdly, concentrate on where the tensions lie …. your shoulders, back, stomach, legs.  Give yourself permission to really, really FEEL it where your energy is blocked.  Relax and breathe into that tension.

Fourth, move your body.  Step out of the room you are in. Go for a walk. Get out into nature. Stretch.  All this helps to clear the mind, stop the mind chatter and help you relax.

Fifth, give yourself permission to be the real you.  Be aware of your true thoughts and feelings and allow them to surface.  Be authentic with yourself and others.

Sixth, let go of being a perfectionist.  This creates more tension than you realize.  Give up trying to be perfect.  None of us are.

Seven, focus on non-judgment of yourself and others.  Accept everything for what it is.

Eight is what excites you. Every day, find something that makes your energy soar and light up.  Connect with it, even if only in a small way.

Lastly, be present in this very moment.  Ask yourself, “How does it feel inside my body?”  “What do you feel right now?”   “What do I hear, smell or see in this very moment?”  Take a NOW break several times a day to keep your PRESENCE in check.

I have printed out the word PRESENT (in some of my favorite fonts) and placed it in various areas in my house, my car, my workspace, where ever I need to be reminded that I stay PRESENT.


So what will your WORD for the year 2013 be?  I would love to hear your choices. Please share. 

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