Life – the Sum of all your Choices


Life is the sum of all your choices.
~  Goethe ~

Our intention and attention are the two main elements that shape and guide our lives into the NOW.  But intention is the basis of all of our actions.  Those intentions control and shape our thoughts, our words and our actions.

“Everything rests at the tip of motivation.”
~ Tibetan proverb ~

Whatever your intention, the root, the core, the bottom line for why we do anything.  This helps us determine whether we are happy or unhappy.  If we place emphasis on an intention for well-being, happiness, mindfulness or peace, we are more likely to be directed toward those good feelings.  When we bring awareness to anything, we connect to it.  Paying attention to our body and our emotions brings us in tune with the present moment.

How do you connect to your body?  Do you stop during the day to notice where tension lies?  Do you tune into your body when it is tired?  Or are you constantly on autopilot and “doing” all day instead of “being”?  Are you overwhelmed most of the day, feeling that you can’t get things done fast enough?  Are you stuck in repetitious thoughts and behaviors that leave you frustrated and unhappy?

When you really think about it . . . most of us are not aware of our intentions.  We continually revert back to previous and unhealthy patterns that don’t really serve us anymore.  We forget about that blessed space of awareness and stay disconnected to our old patterns.  But, when we choose to re-connect with our intention and attention, we really do feel happier.

Psychologists Richard Schwartz and Shauna Shapiro came up with this model of thought . . .

Intention → Attention → Connection → Balance → Health → Happiness

Start with an intention and focus your attention on that thought.

This is your NOW moment. 

Now is this moment, a space in time that you choose to be aware and pay attention to your heart, mind and body.  Set aside all interruptions or thoughts that arise to disrupt your awareness.  Don’t judge any of your feelings or emotions.  Just let them BE.

Welcome peace, compassion, balance, health and happiness into your life, which help you navigate the storms of life with ease and wisdom.

Practice awareness every day, whether it be in nature or through meditation, or whatever means you choose.

Life IS the sum of your choices. 

Inspiration for this post from The NOW Moment by Elisha Goldstein, PhD


5 responses to “Life – the Sum of all your Choices

  1. Truth does bites when you wrote, “Life is the sum of all your choices.” I made so much wrong choices in life, me and my wife and had to exprience a lot of heartaches because of them but they also made us wiser and better persons. Great post. I wish I read this before I made those wrong choices. Happy Holidays.


    • Thanks for your comments Island Traveler. It’s good that life gives us more than one chance and that we learn from our previous mistakes. We all do that. You are not alone. But the most important thing is that there was a lesson in those decisions and it made you who you are today.


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