Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Interesting that green is the subject for this week’s Photo Challenge. I’m into green.  Just this past week I took this photo while at the dog park.  It’s our custom to run our high-spirited, I’m-only-here-to-chase-my-ball Dalmatian several times a week at the dog park and we usually go in the late afternoon when the sun is celebrating its golden hour.  As we drove into the park, I noticed how the sun was reflecting its brilliance on the delicate leaves of this tree.  I had an idea in my head of the shot I wanted to take and of course, as I always do, I take lots of photos.  I decided to use the very first one I shot . . . from the mind’s eye to the camera to the computer screen.

And interestingly, if you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love trees.  I photograph them, paint them, draw them, plant them and even create them.  (That sounds a bit poetic.)  I love there shapes, interesting root patterns protruding above ground, the way their branches intertwine, their veiny leaves, their shadows, their bark, or lack of, their graceful thrusting of their arms to the heavens, their leaves blowing in the wind, their majestic splenditude and resistance to Mother Nature, to name a few of their qualities.  I love trees so much that I also create them in the form of jewelry, know as Tree of Life Pendants.  As with each piece I make, I find that every one is different and unique, just like a tree.

I say: Live like a tree. Take root and reach for the sky.

About the quote:  This is one of my favorite quotes that I read every day.  As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, I reflect on the positive people that have been in my life and I am thankful for each and every one of them.  Every day, I am open to the experience of more positive and empowering people coming into my life. Bring them on!


5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

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  3. Yes, I too wish to live like a tree, take root and reach for the sky. Beautiful post. Trees inspires me, calms my soul, renews me. About 15 years ago, I planted mahogany trees. They now provide beauty and shade for my parents house…. Have a great weekend.


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