Chaotic Pumpkins

There is no chaos in the world, except the chaos which your mind creates.
~~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj ~~

About the photo:  Sometimes I like to have fun with my camera and night lighting.  I remember the exact night I took this photograph.  Funny story . . . I went to a Halloween Event where the entire block was decorated for Halloween, some more elaborate than others.  One house in particular had about 200 beautifully carved pumpkins, every size, shape and design.  We are talking magnificent artistry here.

After taking a lot of photographs, I decided to have some fun with my camera.  So I started shaking my hands back and forth for some more creative shots.  I did this about half a dozen times when I felt someone looking at me.
There’s this nice gentlemen standing next to me, feeling sorry for me as I am trying to hold my camera steady, wasn’t aware that I was doing this on purpose.
It all happened so quickly.  He sympathetically asked, “Can I help you with that?”  I politely said, “Oh! No thank you”!  And I walked away only to replay the scene in my head.  That’s when I started to laugh uncontrollably.


How do you confront your deepest fears?  Do you avoid them?  Surpress them?  Do you constantly recall some type of fear when we were young.  Maybe it was a mean sibling or bully in school.  Do you still hold on to that fear or have you made a decision to not associate with that negative event anymore.
We may not be able to do a lot about our outside world, but we can do everything about our internal world.  Now is the time to take charge.  Only you can take back your power.  When you allow yourself to believe in your fears, your stories, you convince yourself that you allow darkness more than light.  It won’t go away.  Not until you embrase your fears or get to the bottom of what you are afraid of, will you be able to move past them.
The first thing to do is write down your fears.  Then once you are aware of them, take action.  Get a mentor or coach.  Take a course on managing your fears.  Read up on it.   Get a massage to relieve your stress.   Change your environment.  Put support structors in place.  Protect yourself from your fears.  Take a quantum leap.  Do something you normally wouldn’t do.  Step out of your comfort zone. Add supplements to your eating regimen.  Start a savings plan.  Do whatever it takes to ease your heart and mind.  Make a commitment to yourself and hold yourself responsible. 100%.
Find your fear and take it on!  Create a life filled with meaning and love ….
Take 100% responsibility of your life.  Reap the rewards of empowerment, freedom and success.
Live like a tree.  Take roots and reach for the sky!

Greet the day


I will greet this day with love in my heart.

For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures.

 ~ Og Mandino ~

Following your passion . . .

Meet my friend, John Demmert, a very talented Tlingit/Haida Native carver.  I’ve known John for many years and he has stayed true to what he loves to do …. carving.
He has an amazing talent for carving. His defining style of intensely detailed carvings carries on his Native traditions of the Tlingit and Haida tribes. No two pieces are alike. His works are  inspiring, therapeutic and healing, and they are for sale by contacting him at
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Waiting …

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

~ Carl Sagan ~

I had the opportunity to visit Union Station in LA during a photo tour and couldn’t resist this photo.
A picture is worth a thousand words.  Yes, every picture tells a story.  Priceless!!
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo?
I’d love to hear your comments.
Happy 10 – 11 – 12

Are you asleep, stirring or awake?

Watt’s Tower

Recently I was reading about Buckminster Fuller.  What a fascinating inventor and visionary, dedicating his life to making the world a better place.  Best known as the one who popularized the geodesic dome (even though he didn’t invent it), he was an author of 28 books, held 47 honorary degrees, lecturer, interior designer, inventor of the Dymaxion car and has made a true impact on the world influencing generations of designers, scientists, artists and architects.
But did you know he was expelled from Harvard twice, once for spending all his money while partying with a vaudeville troupe and the second time for his lack of interest and irresponsibility in his studies?  He attempted to join a fraternity, but alas, was known as a non-conforming misfit in that environment.
Working various jobs as a meat packer and textile worker, he also served in the Navy.  At the age of 32 he was bankrupt and jobless.  After his young daughter died of spinal meningitis he started drinking, even contemplated suicide. 

As an independent thinker, he made a commitment to himself to find ways of doing more with less in order for people everywhere to have more.  He was a Unitarian and an early environmental activist who coined the phrase “doing more with less”.  He was concerned about sustainability and human survival, defining wealth in terms of knowledge, as the “technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growth needs of life.”
“Selfishness,” he declared, “is unnecessary and hence-forth unrationalizable. War is obsolete.”
Fondly known as “Bucky”, he had a lot of quirks like wearing three watches when he traveled; one for the current zone, one for the zone he had departed, and one for the zone to which he was going.  Between 1915 and 1985 he copiously documented his life leaving behind a stack of paper work measuring about 270 feet high, currently housed at Stanford University.
Fuller was born in 1895 and died in 1983.  As he was at the bedside of his dying wife in a Los Angeles hospital, holding her hand, he exclaimed, “She is squeezing my hand!”  He then stood up, suffered a heart attack and died one hour later at the age of 87.  He wife died 36 hours later.  They were married 66 years.
What brings me to the reason for learning about the life of this interesting man with this timely quote:
“There are three kinds of people in the world, those who are asleep, those who are stirring, and those who are awake.
“If you try to wake up the sleeping, he will just mumble and go back to sleep. If you wake up the stirring, he will wake up just long enough to curse you and then go back to sleep.
“Instead of trying to wake them up, if you come across someone who is asleep or stirring what you should do is, fluff their pillow, tuck them in, and kiss them on the forehead.
“The important joy for those who are awake is to seek each other out, connect with others who are awake, talk, sing and celebrate together.
“This will create a groundswell of awareness. As this groundswell increases and spreads out, it will awaken the stirring and will begin to stir those who are still sleeping.”  ~ Buckminster Fuller ~
About the photo: I had the opportunity to visit the amazing work of art by Simon Rodia‘s Watts Towers.  Fuller’s last filmed interview in 1983 was a documentary on Rodia’s architectural masterpiece.  If you ever have the chance, visit this place.  Portions of the interview can be found at I Build the Tower.

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Knowing Myself

The more I know myself, the less I am affected by the opinions and thoughts of others.

About the Photo:  Taken in Hollis, Alaska at the Ferry Terminal during a brief moment before the sun began to set.  If you know anything about that area, it rains a lot, like 120 inches per year.  That’s twelve feet!!  So, seeing the sun, and especially at sunset, it a real treat.

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Change Changes Change

Change is the only constant in life.

Here’s what David Simon said change,  “… the sole, stead-fast friend we can trust.  Move to the new, exciting experiences with ease and grace.  When I look back, I will see the lesson was to propel me further along my journey to enlightenment.”
Change is very important to our happiness and well-being.  But change can also send us in a tizzy of discontent when we resist it.
Many times I view change as a challenge instead of an opportunity.  Take moving, for instance.  I really dislike moving.  It means change in a big way, mostly for me in not knowing where things are.  I am an organized person.  Ask me where something is and I can go straight to it, even if my desk is a mess, I know exactly where it is, be it under the pile of papers or amid other stuff.  When I move from one location to another, everything gets out of order.  It sends shock waves of uncomfortable feelings in the pit of my stomach.
I like things in order. I guess you might say that I like change on my own terms.  I want to be the one to make my decisions when it comes to changing things in my life, rather than when it comes from someone else.  Sometimes the inevitable of accepting it comes hard.
Yet, when I look back on the stresses that change has caused, I realize that it really wasn’t that bad after all.  My focus now must be to embrace change to move me forward on my journey, to start another chapter in my life.  It just takes time to reorganize, hopefully more efficiently and learn from the experience.
I know the more I love and embrace change, the more my life unfolds easily and effortlessly. When I make an effort to breath consciously and live in the now, things really do unfold with ease and less effort. It makes that feeling in my stomach subside too.
Don’t view change as a challenge,  instead view it as an opportunity.  Learn to love change.
Change changes change!
About the photo:  These brilliantly colored trees, untouched by PhotoShop, were photographed in Washington State in mid-October a few years ago.  It doesn’t get more beautiful than this, does it?
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