Stand like Mountain … Flow like Water

Stand like Mountain . . . Flow like Water

~ Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D.~
(I highly recommend reading his book.)

Recently someone responded to one of my blog posts with this question: “Why do I always make things SO much more difficult than they need to be?”

Perhaps we should simply ask ourselves, “Why do I ask myself this question?”
Does it set me up for success or failure?
Am I deserving?
Am I afraid of change?

Are we following the same path that we have traveled repeatedly?
Do we doubt our own confidence and magnificence?
Do we allow negative thoughts because it is familiar and feels safe?

Perhaps it is the controlling and unconscious company we keep that frustrates us and throws us off course.  We feel their negative pull and it’s hard to have conversations with them because it causes us to lapse into old habits that we want to change and eliminate.

Perhaps it is one particular thing or an accumulation of many things, that happened in our childhood or something from the past that holds us in a negative pattern.

Our thoughts create positive or negative effects in our lives. They scatter in many directions, sometimes inconsistently.  They come and go at random.  They control us.  Yes, they control us to the extent that they frustrate us and keep us in a place where we do not want to be.

We can’t change the past or the people around us. But we can start with change from within ourselves.

Awareness is the first step to change. 

Consider taking time today to analyze what thoughts are going on in your head. Take time to journal what you are feeling when you ask yourself negative questions or have negative thoughts.  Write down those questions or comments, then, next to it, write a positive response to it.  Scribble out that negative thought as you read the positive response to it.

From . . . “Why do I always make things SO much more difficult than they need to be?”
To . . . “I go through each day with ease and joy.  I allow life to flow as it is meant to be.”

No one can stop you or get in your way of thinking negative or positive thoughts. When you think of your strengths and what you are capable of today, you will realize that you can handle anything you set out to do.  Allow no distractions.  When we have positive thoughts we are able to move and breathe into change and follow our path of intention.

The first step toward positive thoughts is to associate with positive people.  Hang with people who have “shifted” their lives toward awareness and consciousness.

Sit quietly somewhere or take a walk in nature. Empty your mind of all thoughts by focusing on your breathing.  If thoughts should come into your mind, take a deep breath and breathe out those negative thoughts.  Remember, we have the option not to participate in negativity.  We choose with whom we spend our time. We have the power to embrace positive thoughts.  No one can control you.

We can’t change those around us.  Everyone has to choose for themselves.  If it feels safe for them, know that it doesn’t work for us. Like attracts like. It influences our energy, thought and actions.

Change begins with me.  Set your negative thoughts free.  And so it is.  Blessed be.

Awaken to the real you.  Get connected to who you really are.   And watch the real you show up.

About the photo:  One of my favorite photos taken at sun rise in Klawock, Alaska.  All is calm and well with this place in the world.


6 responses to “Stand like Mountain … Flow like Water

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  2. I’m sorry to traipse in here like Mr. Know-It-All. Being conscious and aware is a good thing, esp. when you care. But I don’t think you should be analyzing your every move. Write things down, so you have something to compare and be “careful” of. Don’t you think it’s better to just do it? Free will, let endless possibilities keep pouring, good riddance and being boundless. Self-reflection is good, but you gotta have balance
    … and as long as you actually came up with something good out of your contemplation. 😀
    Sorry, I don’t mean to argue. Just sharing my thoughts.


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