SMART Dreams

How often do we set ourselves up for failure?  Our dreams and goals matter to us but we set ourselves up for failure because we don’t know exactly what we want.  Maybe we believe we really can’t do it.  Or we don’t see ourselves having attained that goal. Or we are used to walking away from opportunities because that’s what we do.

Somewhere I read about the acronym SMART when referring to your dreams and goals.

Specific – Know exactly what you want.  Define your goals by writing them down and feeling what it would be like when you achieve your goal.  A specific goal is much more attainable that a general one.

Measurable – Mark your progress as you go along.  This helps you stay on track. Establish a time frame that allows you to reach your goals reasonably.  Journal your progress and reward yourself when you reach that goal.

Attainable – Identify with goals that are within your reach. Take baby steps with short term and long term goals. See yourself as worthy of your goals as you grow towards them.

Realistic – Think about how real your goals are.  You are the only one who can decide just how high your goals should be.  Stretch yourself.  Grow.

Timely – Establish your goal into a time frame.  If you don’t set up a time frame, there is no urgency and your goals will stay on the back burner of “some day”. “T” can also stand for tangible giving you a better chance of making it “specific”, “measurable” and then “attainable.”

Get SMART!!!  Don’t give up on your dreams.  You can do it!

About the Photo:  This photo was taken somewhere in California, can’t remember where.  Here are some things I didn’t know about the Lupine flower.

1.  They are edible, containing essential amino acids. Their yellow legume seeds, also called lupin beans, were a popular food among the Romans.  They were responsible for spreading the plant’s cultivation throughout the Roman Empire.  Some varieties can cause toxicity in live stock.   If you have a peaunt allergy, avoid eating lupins.

2.  Lupins are excellent companion plants for crops  like cucumbers, squash, broccoli, and spinach.  These crops need significant amounts of nitrogen in their soil.

3.  They are popular, attractive ornamental plants in gardens and by many, they are considered weeds because of their invasive nature.  How can anything this beautiful be considered a weed?

4.  For several types of butterflies and moths, lupins are important for their larva.


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