Live Like a Tree

The first step toward success is taken when you refuse
to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.

About the photo:  I love photographing trees.  This one in particular, caught my eye, silhouetted against  the afternoon sky, standing tall and anchored.  Trees must succumb to the elements of their environment.   Their roots holding them firmly in place even though the winds and weather push them in another direction, still they stand tall, ever reaching their branches to the heavens.  They may lean but they hold steadfast and strong which brings out their beauty and resilience.

We often view our dreams with obstacles in the way.  Overwhelm and false beliefs take over our thoughts. They hold us captive and we forget that we, and we alone, hold the key to our success, no matter what comes at us.

Today I will strive to break free of my negative thoughts and beliefs.
Today I refuse to be held captive of my environment or circumstances.
Today I will keep my eyes on my goals.
Live like a tree.  Take root and reach for the sky!

2 responses to “Live Like a Tree

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  2. I love loving trees.

    There are lots of trees that may not escape captivity, but they change it. They refuse to let their environment stop them from growing. I’m always fascinated at how they will grow around, through, over, under obstacles, even merge with them (I have a sproosayple tree – a big, old spruce and maple fused together, wrapped together much tighter than sardines, from the ground for about a dozen feet up the length of their trunks) and such expert survivalist trees often look more wonderful to the human eye because of these survival stunts.

    And then there are the ones that start from a seed wedged in a crack in rock and grow there for decades, helping to split that rock.

    Anyhow … the quote from Mark Caine really strikes home. Captivity can feel comfy, though. Escaping it involves stepping into an unknown. Scary. It may be a good idea to practice in small ways before making the big leap. In some cases, one big leap may be the only way. Sometimes we are pushed, even by something apparently “bad,” like illness.

    One of the “scary” aspects is the judgments of others — sometimes painful rejection, condemnation, opposition, sometimes from the closest of loved ones. For me, in the most recent decade, the unknown was an adventure that reshaped my life in ways that many people do not regard as success.

    “You gain strength and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face. … You must do the thing you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Try an experiment. Spend a little time in the woods in the dark. Maybe start by arriving at dusk. Let your eyes adapt to the lessening light. Increase time spent in the dark gradually. Look the fear of the dark woods in that fear’s even darker face. Over time, that dark forest can become an experience of bliss.

    Bring a friend.


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