Welcome to Little Texas

There’s an interesting story that goes with this little Island.  Really, it is called Rose Island on the maps.

That little island got it’s name because many Texans come to fish on Prince of Wales Island and you know how they always boast about how big everything is in Texas? Well, according to local lore, Little Texas represents the size of the state of Texas compared to the size of Alaska!

If you look closely you can see a little house on the left hand side. It’s probably long since been washed away by a high tide.  And that’s the story of Little Texas.


2 responses to “Welcome to Little Texas

    • Dawn … actually the tree on the Island is very small, probably only about 8′ tall. The little house is more like a doll house. I wonder who put it there. It’s not there anymore, probably because a high tide washed it away.


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