Everything I know . . .

verything I know is but a drop in the ocean of knowledge.
~~ Albert Einstein ~~

About the photo:  Rain on Skunk Lily (or Cabbage) Leaf.  (Also called the Rainforest Crocus, certainly a prettier name.)  They have a very pungent skunk-like smell when they bloom, hence the name.   As the harbinger of Spring, they are fondly enjoyed by the deer and bear.  I guess they don’t mind if they have skunk breath.

My Tlingit Native best friend and I often spent the afternoon picking Beach Asparagus or beach combing.  (That’s an another post for another day, perhaps several.)  Before we left the house, we packed a few frozen fillet of Salmon for dinner.  We gathered rocks and wood from the beach, made a fire and went scouting for Skunk Cabbage leaves.  This is an old Tlingit tradition.  Today, we would wrap meat in aluminum foil, the Tlingits (pronounced Klink-it) used the leaves to wrap the fish and then bake it over the fire to savor the flavor.  And you know that everything tastes better when cooked outdoors!  Delicious!!

Skunk Lily’s beautiful yellow heads peaking out over the Klawock River,
on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.


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